International Moving Company Moving Abroad: What to Look for When Choosing Your Overseas Movers

You’ve already done the hard part and finally decided to turn the international movers you’ve been debating about into a reality. Whether or not your new country of residence is similar to your current one in language or culture, the move is still going to be an adjustment and one that you want to be confident to take on.

A good start is to choose international movers that you feel confident in, so you can free up your mind to think about other things that need attention. Consider the following when deciding which movers will make your life as easy as possible:

Fair Prices

You want to find overseas movers that you’ll trust to do a good job. But keep in mind, expensive doesn’t necessarily equal quality work. First, compare between companies to get a sense of the standard range of prices for international moving. Try to find movers that will offer you an all-inclusive, flat rate, by taking all of your expenses into account when they provide you a quote. This may include factors like inventory list, possession value, fuel costs, and a packing quote. Once you find a mover you’re satisfied with, ensure you have the full terms and conditions, and a detailed contract, in writing before you begin the move.

The right movers won’t be dirt cheap, but they’ll offer fair and competitive prices; you’ll know them when you see them!

Look for Companies That Provide Additional Services

When it comes to putting your future in another person’s (or group of people’s) hands, you want to make sure those hands are capable and well-equipped. Aside from the standard packaging and shipping services, find movers that take care of your individual, specific needs. This can include things like storage, helping you set up insurance plans, installation, box delivery, cleaning services, and even locksmith and home security services. You don’t want to find yourself in the stressful situation of being thousands of miles outside your comfort zone, realizing you need additional help, and not knowing where to turn. Your overseas movers can take care of many of these things for you. All you have to do is choose the right ones!

Do Your Overseas Movers Have the Right Kind of Experience?

While many factors overlap between moving scenarios, regardless of your background and circumstances, some things are more singular and relevant to your move. For example, the services you require as a homeowner looking to relocate can be quite different than what you’d need as a CEO – or employee -moving your company.

Experienced overseas movers regularly encounter similar moving situations to yours. They’ll have tips about the concerns you’ve thought about, and moving advice on the things you haven’t thought of yet. Don’t be afraid to address potential movers with questions. Then you can work with the ones that can provide you with satisfactory answers.

Use Licensed Overseas Movers

For your protection, it’s imperative to hire movers that you’ve confirmed are licensed. As you’re entrusting a very personal job to a group of strangers, you want to make sure that the strangers you’re hiring are reputable and liable. A license guarantees that your movers will answer for anything that may go wrong along the way. As well, there will be controls for price hikes, and an assurance that your belongings are protected throughout the process.

Additionally, licensed overseas movers are likely to have insurance and provide you with insurance as well, which is a large bonus. FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux) is the main association for international movers that provide quality worldwide services. Don’t forget to ask.

Use Licensed Overseas Movers

Reputation is key. There’s nothing that testifies to a moving company’s success as much as positive word of mouth. While you can use this article as a checklist when choosing your overseas movers, your head might not be in the right place to decide on your own. Get another opinion and confirm that your movers have done an exemplary job in the past. Ask your friends, relatives, and co-workers about international movers they’ve used in the past, and compile a list of reputable international movers. You want to go with the movers whose happy customers are still raving about them.

While an international move will certainly be an eventful journey, ensure it’s a positive experience. Choose to work with overseas movers you can trust!

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