Making a move? You likely have a long list of things to take care of! Moving to a new place is a busy time, and it can be stressful for many people as there is so much to do. Between packing, hiring a mover, cleaning up your place so you can receive your deposit, and then all of the little details, how do you keep track of it all?

One thing that is often overlooked is changing your address. Oftentimes, people don’t notice they’ve forgotten until after they miss important communications.

Don’t let it get you stressed! Here’s a handy checklist to help you remember who to notify when you move.

%name Moving Checklist: Who to Notify When You Move

Post Office

The best place to start is the Post Office, of course. By submitting a request for address forwarding, you can ensure your mail reaches you no matter what. You don’t need to visit the Post Office in person, anymore. You can file a change of address online from a cozy spot on your sofa. Just bring a credit or debit card as they require a $1 fee to verify your identity.

Banks and Credit Cards

Speaking of debit and credit cards, you’ll need to update your bank and card issuers with your new address. That includes your investment accounts and loan providers, too. Sure, you may use the digital-only option to receive bank statements, but it’s still crucial to update your information. You don’t want anything sensitive arriving anywhere it shouldn’t once you move.


Chances are, your paychecks get deposited directly into your account. That makes things very easy on a day-to-day basis, but there are still some HR documents that get sent to your home address. Tax forms, retirement account documents, and others should come directly to you. Regardless, it’s best to keep your home information current with your employer.

Utility Companies

Don’t forget to file for a change of address with your utility company (or companies). You don’t want to pay for the new residents’ bills after you move, and you don’t want to pay the former residents’ dues, either!

%name Moving Checklist: Who to Notify When You Move

Consider the utilities you use, and which ones you’re responsible for will depend on where you live. Internet, television, water, power, sewer, phone, gas, and even the garbage collector should get a notification that you’re relocating. If you’re moving nearby, you may be able to simply transfer your account to a new address. If you’re moving further, you may need to cancel and open an account with another provider.


When it’s time to move, don’t forget to update the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may also need to update your vehicle registration and even get a new driver’s license, depending on where you move. Check the requirements of your new state if you’re crossing borders, some have a tight window for when this must be done. California, for example, requires these changes to be made within 20 days of arriving in your new home.


Make a list of the insurance providers you use and don’t forget to change your address. Health, dental, optical, car, life, and homeowners insurance providers should all have your current address on their policies. You could have trouble filing a claim if your address isn’t current.

Cell Phone Carrier

Your address on your mobile phone service will determine your tax rates for your plan. That means it’s crucial to update your address even if you’re staying with the same carrier. 

Social Security Office

%name Moving Checklist: Who to Notify When You Move

The Social Security Office vowed to send fewer paper statements, which is great news for everyone. If you’re over 60, not receiving benefits, and don’t have access to a My Social Security account, you’ll still receive them. Paper statements from the Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid offices contain a lot of personal information, so make sure you get your details updated. 

Health Providers

Again, in case you receive or need to request paper documents from your medical providers, it’s best to ensure your address is up to date beforehand. Don’t wait until the time you need something – update your details when you move.

Voter Registration

If you’ve registered to vote, you’re required to submit a change of address if you want your vote to count in upcoming elections. Check to see the local policies. In some states, your DMV address change will automatically update your voter registration as well. You can contact the local office of voter registrars to confirm.

Friends and Family

The people in your tight circle likely know about your move. Those who are active on social media may see a post or two about your new place. But what about those you speak to less often or who aren’t on social media? Don’t miss out on your Auntie’s birthday cards or your Grandma’s letters – send them your new address!

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