a Moving expensive work of art demands care and careful planning. Today, curators of museums routinely transport priceless historical artifacts and other pieces of art between locations. Similarly, collectors of prized works of art may desire to relocate their assets from time to time. How do moving companies handle these types of long-distance transportation projects?

Experts agree that moving expensive art demands a tailored approach. The diversity of art and the unique nature of shipping destinations means moving companies cannot depend upon generic one-size-fits-all guidelines. If a company becomes involved in this process, it must consider several important issues. These elements include environmental conditions, available transportation services, the nature of the work of art, confidentiality, and security measures. All of these concerns factor to some degree into art shipping arrangements.

Customized Shipping

Whether the relocation of valuable art involves a museum registrar or a private collector, anyone involved must pay close attention to customizing the handling, packing, and shipping of the artwork. Why? Valuable works of art don’t occur in standard sizes and dimensions. These items may include huge statues, weighing thousands of pounds, or fragile works made of glass, fabric, or paper capable of deteriorating if accidentally dropped or exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Generally, shippers carefully preplan to match the packaging and transport routes to the demands of a specific work of art. For instance, a registrar or a moving company consultant may design a customized crate or container. This allows them to then safely transport art within temperature-controlled parameters. Particularly in the case of expensive pieces, insurers maintain a strong interest in ensuring expensive contents reach their destination in good condition. FlatRate specializes in getting your artwork from one destination to the next flawlessly.

Confidentiality And Security Matters, Too

Anyone involved in moving a valuable work of art also carries an important responsibility to maintain confidentiality concerning the shipping route and arrangements. Why? Unfortunately, dishonest people sometimes target expensive workers for theft. Just as many private collectors maintain high security around their art collections, they require their moving companies to use appropriate security measures. Maintaining confidentiality about a shipment likely helps discourage theft.

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Diversifying Risk More Effectively

Yet another important consideration surrounds shipping artworks. If an owner anticipates moving a large valuable collection, it may prove advisable to conduct the relocation in stages to help diversify the risk of losses from accidents. For example, a moving company may arrange to split up the collection to send it to its destination using multiple planes, boats, or trains. This assures the shipper that a tragic transportation accident along the way won’t produce a total loss.

Fortunately, today sophisticated logistical software programs assist this effort. A moving company planning to move an art collection can call upon these tools during the planning stage to help schedule the transport of individual pieces. The company may also make arrangements to monitor the temperature and humidity within each shipping crate along the way.

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