We all saw that bit where Jerry Seinfeld said that NYC was dead. Then we saw thousands of people say, “No it’s not!” There are still plenty of people who are pursuing their dream of moving in 2021 to NYC, and we’re here for it. After all, New York is still a cultural hub of creativity and drive. It’s still home to a rich history of this country’s evolution, and it will continue to draw those who want to live an adventurous and stimulating life. So if you’ve been craving the exciting pace of the Big Apple, it’s time. Here’s what you should know about moving to NYC this year.

Start with a sublet.

Moving to NYC can be stressful if you aren’t familiar with the boroughs and their unique personalities. Moving into a sublet can be a great way to get to know an area first-hand while you shop around for just the right home. This option will likely require that you secure temporary storage, but it could be worth it to reduce the pressure. You’ll quickly find out if the area suits your lifestyle, has the infrastructure that your family needs, and offers the type of housing you seek.

Negotiate your rent or broker’s fees.

Finding the apartment or condo of your dreams can be difficult without a broker or real estate agent. Brokers know where to get information about what’s coming up for rent, and can help you negotiate all of the dealings with your potential landlord. However, traditional broker’s fees can cost you a pretty penny! In the current rental market, the inventory is high and the demand is a bit lower than usual. You can use that opportunity to negotiate your rent or your broker’s fees. Some landlords will even pay the broker fees to get the right people into their units. The possibilities are endless!

Consider buying.

If you feel pretty committed to your new life in the Big Apple, consider buying. The real estate market has more inventory than it has in a long time, and prices are looking attractive. You might find that you can actually get the type of home that you’ve been eyeing in a desirable area in 2021! Decide on your criteria, then work with a reputable agent to find the New York home of your dreams. 

Moving in 2021 in NYC 1 Moving in 2021 in NYC: What You Should Know

Find out about your building’s moving requirements. 

Most apartment buildings in New York require moving insurance to cover the cost of any damage that occurs during the move. Luxury buildings most certainly do, and may also have restrictions on when residents are allowed to move in and out of the building. Many buildings prohibit moving on the weekends due to the general increase in foot traffic. Requiring elevator permits is also common, and if the building has a loading dock you will need to secure a time slot. (Note: FlatRate’s Elite Moving services are well-equipped to handle all of the requirements of moving into a luxury building!)

Scout your neighborhood for parking. 

Parking in NYC can be notoriously challenging, especially for large moving trucks. If your building doesn’t have a parking lot or designated loading area, you will need to find out what your options are. Securing a parking permit from the city may be necessary for some areas, and there may be restrictions on moving hours. Remember, securing a parking permit for the moving truck is your responsibility, not that of the moving company!

Hire a team of experienced NYC movers.

Driving a moving truck through New York is no small task. With so many one-way streets and New Yorkers’ fast-paced driving, someone unfamiliar with the city is likely to get lost or overwhelmed. An experienced New York moving company will know the best routes to take and when to take them to complete your move safely and on time. 

Moving in 2021 in NYC  what you should know Flatrate truck Moving in 2021 in NYC: What You Should Know

When you’re ready, get a guaranteed quote from FlatRate Moving! We’ve been moving people in New York for nearly 30 years and know all the ins and outs. We’ll help ensure that your transition is a good one!