Moving is often considered to be one of life’s most stressful events. It requires careful preparation and understanding of the planning and moving process to ensure a safe and efficient move. If you’re not careful, it is possible to come across an unscrupulous moving company that will try to take advantage of you. 

A recent case in New York City sheds light on a moving nightmare where a Brooklyn moving company owner orchestrated a ransom scheme, providing low estimates to customers and then demanding exorbitant fees after loading their belongings into trucks, threatening to withhold or auction items if the fees weren’t paid. At FlatRate Moving, transparency and safety during a move are a core value we have, so we want to highlight the potential things that can go wrong during a move so you will be informed and aware for your next move. 

FlatRateMovers Navigating the Challenges of Moving: Protecting Yourself Against Scams

Common Moving Scams:

Here are some common moving scams and mishaps you should be aware of before planning your next move.

  1. Hostage Loads Scam and Surprise Fees: Some rogue movers might hold your belongings hostage until you pay unexpected additional charges, often double or triple the initial estimate.
  2. Delayed Deliveries: Movers may intentionally delay the delivery of your belongings, causing inconvenience and potentially damaging or losing items during the extended period.
  3. Auction Threats: Some fraudulent movers threaten to auction off your belongings if you refuse to pay additional fees, putting added pressure on customers to comply.
  4. Damaged Items Scam: Rogue movers may intentionally mishandle items, leading to damages. They then demand extra payment for “insurance coverage” that was never agreed upon.
  5. Inflated Inventory: Unethical movers might inflate the inventory of your belongings, leading to higher costs. They may claim additional items were added after the initial estimate.
  6. Unprofessional Handling: Scam movers may lack professionalism, with poorly trained staff mishandling items, potentially causing damage and stress during the moving process.
  7. Hidden Charges: Some movers intentionally hide charges in the fine print of contracts, catching customers off guard with unexpected costs after the move has started.
  8. No-Show Movers: Fraudulent moving companies might simply not show up on moving day, leaving customers stranded and in need of last-minute alternatives.

Protecting Yourself when you move:

In order to protect yourself from rogue movers, here are some things you should do:

  • Thoroughly research your intended moving company
  • Check legitimate customer reviews on trusted platforms
  • Be wary of moving companies with numerous name changes
  • Get everything in writing, including estimations, inventory and furniture conditions
  • Verify that your moving company is licensed and insured
  • Trust your instincts and seek service elsewhere if something seems off

FlatRate Movers in front of a moving truck scaled Navigating the Challenges of Moving: Protecting Yourself Against Scams

The FlatRate Way:

At FlatRate Moving, we are committed to making sure people can have an enjoyable moving experience. We pride ourselves on our ethical, transparent and safe service. By raising awareness of potential scams, as well as common mishaps that can occur during the moving process, we aim to educate individuals so they can make informed decisions when choosing a moving company. 

How does FlatRate make moving enjoyable?  By providing the following:

  • All-inclusive pricing to avoid hidden or surprise fees
  • Ethical, transparent and safe service
  • Tailored moving packages for every move
  • Efficient communication and attentive to your requests
  • Premium packing for all items to avoid damage
  • Prompt and on-time services to ensure reliability

An expert, dedicated, and professionally trained moving team.