You notice a “SOLD” sticker slapped across that sale sign next door, so you know that you are about to have new neighbors very soon. Like you, the new owners are likely hoping their new neighbors are not going to make them regret their decision. Chances are good; you will be living beside one another for a very long time, so it just makes sense to start things off on the right foot.

Giving a gift may seem a little old-fashioned, but most people do generally appreciate kind gestures still. Below are some new neighbor gifts sure to invoke a smile and make your new neighbors feel like they are really “home.”

  • Dessert – Who doesn’t love dessert? Baked goods probably seem like the obvious option, right? Well, keep in mind that many people do not consume dairy, eggs, gluten, or nuts so the trick is to make something that will get eaten. 
  • Farmers’ Market Basket – Pick up a basket from the craft store and fill it with fresh produce from your local farmers’ market. If there are vendors that sell locally made honey, maple syrup, jam, soap, etc., you could include a few of these must-try local favorites, as well.
  • For the Dog – Nothing helps you get on a dog owner’s good side quite like someone who caters to their pet. If you noticed that they have a canine companion when the movers were unloading the truck, a gift bag with toys and American-made treats is sure to make a positive first impression.
  • Essentials Pail – There are things they may need while getting settled that you can include in a fun, decorative essentials pail. Nails, power surge and/or extension cord, Goo Gone, fly swatter, and batteries are a few things to include as part of new neighbor gifts.
  • Unique Plant – If you are a little shy about making the initial contact, you could send them a unique plant with a note telling them to stop by and say “Hi!” once they are settled. Avoid flowers that will die within a week or plants that require an abundance of attention. A lovely succulent garden will be perfect.
  • Basket of Local Favorites – You know where to get the best Chinese takeout and which instructor is worth checking out at the nearby yoga studio. Create a basket of local goods and recommendations. Include business cards, takeout menus, coffee beans from a local café, and maybe even a gift certificate to the movie theater. You can draw a map with all the spotlighted favorites on it. If you have parking secrets to share or any good shortcuts to avoid traffic jams these are bits of helpful knowledge to pass along, too.
  • Herb Garden – Spice racks are commonly purchased by those shopping for a housewarming gift for someone they know. The problem with getting spices for a stranger is that they could have everything you include. Why not give them a small herb garden instead? Even if they don’t do much cooking, they can add the herbs to their water or tea for different flavors. If you have a lot of herbs, you could even put a variety in a vase or Mason jar with directions to change the water daily. The herbs will stay good for at least a week, or so on a sunny windowsill.

You Are the New Neighbor

If you have recently moved in and someone has gotten you a welcome neighbor gift, then once you are settled, you will want to get a small gift of gratitude for them. Of course, even if they did not get you anything, you can still reach out to your new neighbors with a small gift.

It is always nice when a current resident welcomes someone new to the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it does not always work this way. Some people are just not comfortable taking the first step while others put it off for a more convenient time, but as more days pass it just becomes awkward. Sometimes, if you are the new neighbor, gifts have to start with you.

So, what do you give someone who did not even take the time to welcome you? Something thoughtful and sincere that will have them regretting not talking to you sooner; something cooked or baked by you is sure to be appreciated.

If it is the middle of winter take them a big bowl of soup or chili you make that everyone raves about. If you are known for your lasagna, apple pie, rice pudding, or anything else will be perfect to give. If you notice they are outside doing yard work one day this gives you the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself. Whip them up a pitcher of your famous lemonade or sweet tea, and go join them for a well-deserved break.

Gift for a Moving Neighbor

As you probably already know, good neighbors can be hard to find, so if you have had a great experience with one who is now moving away, you may want to give them something special to let them know how much they were appreciated.

  • Personalized – There is a pretty good chance, you know how to properly spell their name so a personalized gift would be nice. Check out personalized cutting boards, doormats, canvas wall art, wind chimes, coasters, cocks, blankets, and cookie jars.
  • Road Trip Survival Bin – If your neighbor is making a long-distance move put a road trip survival bin together with plenty of snacks, hand sanitizer, napkins, etc.
  • Framed Picture – Remember that picture you took of their holiday display a few years ago when their snowman got a hole and deflated one day before Christmas? You laughed uncontrollably for days over the sight of that deflated blob blowing in the wind. Maybe you snapped a photo of them secretly sneaking treats to your dog through the fence, even though they have always acted like they didn’t like him. These are the types of photos to have framed as a farewell gift. If you have several pictures you can create a collage or buy a collage frame and fill in the individual sections. You could always have the photos turned into a video, as well.

Whether you are delivering a welcome neighbor gift or receiving one, be sure to wear a gracious smile, no matter what is given. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

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