The one thing you may neglect throughout the moving process is your car.  Unless you plan to sell your car or use a car transportation service, whether you’re long-distance moving or moving around the corner, your car must move with you.  In order to complete errands related to moving and to arrive at your new home, you must rely on your car.  What you don’t need during this stressful time is car trouble, so prepare your car for the move by referring to these car maintenance tips.

What to Replace

One of the most used items on your car is the windshield wipers.  Most people don’t replace them until they smear your windshield and obscure your vision.  When you replace them, replace the windshield wiper fluid, too.  Being stuck on the side of the road when you’re supposed to move is not ideal.  Check to see if your car battery needs replacing beforehand as well as the batteries in your car for – the moving company cannot carry everything, so working access to your car is key.

What to Check

Check car fluids including coolant, power steering, and brake fluids.  If they’re not adequately filled, you could end up stranded.  Also, check your air filter and the condition of your tires, especially the tire pressure which is easily remedied.  Sturdy, well-inflated tires will ensure good gas mileage and safely and quickly get you to your new home.  These items may not need changing or replacing, but once the moving company moves you in, you won’t want to bother.

Update Car Supplies

Making sure you have enough supplies in your car to ensure a safe and comfortable trip is important no matter how far you travel.  A first aid kit containing the most common medications and plenty of Band-Aids will save you a trip to the pharmacy or discount store while on the road.  Storing jumper cables, a blanket and an umbrella will show their worth when you least expect it.  Again, you don’t want to be stuck on the road, causing your moving company to have to wait for you to start unloading.

Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car before you move offers you more space with which to pack items you don’t want in storage or on the moving van like important papers or cleaning supplies.  It also uncovers items that were stashed in the car when they actually should have been trashed.  Washing the exterior of your car gives off a good first impression to your new neighbors.

Can You Fix It?

Although your moving costs may weigh down your wallet, taking care of minor repairs before they become major will ease your mind and ensure glitch-free driving.  Allow enough time to schedule repairs and have them completed

Other Options

If you think your car cannot make the trip, consider selling or donating it before you move away, especially if you’re moving to a city with public transportation and don’t require a car.  Otherwise, consider hiring a car transportation company to move your car to your next destination.