Deciding between using storage and decluttering before you move weighs heavily on you if you enjoy collecting or have comfortably resided in your home for a long time.  When moving your possessions from one home to the next, moving companies never mind hauling extra baggage.  Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide on using storage or decluttering because you will live with the outcome.  In order to make the best decision for you, let’s run down the positives for each moving method.

What’s Good About Storage

  1. No Sorting Stuff Thinking about the daunting task of sorting through your things before moving is overwhelming. With short- and long-term storage options, you don’t have to create extra work by dividing your stuff into the trash, treasure, and donation piles.
  2. Safety, Security, Free from Damage When you store your belongings with FlatRate, we guarantee your safety and security. We offer an inventory list of items stored and locked facilities to keep them safe.  To top it off, the climate-controlled rooms keep items free from harm.
  3. More Time for You Modern times mean practically little to no free time for you. If you simply store extra items you want and need but cannot currently keep, we can provide packing services and pick them up.
  4. Storage is Not That Expensive What you really must decide is if it’s worth it to store your treasures and how long you can afford to keep them in storage. If you weigh the costs of hauling more moving boxes to your next home, the cost could be equivalent.  Most storage units are not astronomically expensive, and we can actually help you by negotiating prices that jive with your budget.
  5. Not Everything is Junk Boxes of old bank statements should be shredded (7 years is the norm), but what about the family heirlooms you want to bestow on your children or the collections you amassed that are part of you?

What’s Good About Decluttering

  1. Reduce Your Junk Pile What do you need all that stuff for, anyway?! Before you cement your decision to move, pick a room to focus on and sort through what you can trash, treasure, or donate. You’ll feel absolutely liberated with all the space you find!
  2. Donate Household Items Doing good deeds for others is easy when you donate gently used items to a charitable organization that benefits the needy. An added bonus is that you can deduct the monetary value of your donation from your income taxes.
  3. Fun Reliving Happy Memories Remember the baby booties your grandmother knit for your newborn or your high school yearbook displaying hard work accomplished (including big 1980s hair)? Part of decluttering is soaking in memories you cherish.
  4. Free for You and Me No storage means no extra cost for you, but the hidden cost is getting rid of something that you may need in the future or wish you kept.
  5. No Storage Unit Treks Not all storage unit places offer pick up or ease of entering the facility, so if you use them, and they’re far from your home with strict hours for visitation, you’ll regret you decided to store them. However, if you declutter, you won’t have to drag yourself out to visit your storage.
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