Many people move to New York when they’re young. Culture, nightlife, and the adventure of the infamous “city that never sleeps” — are all attractive features to the adventurous types. But what about when you want to have a family? Believe it or not, New York — specifically, Brooklyn — offers some wonderful family-friendly neighborhoods. Your kids will have parks to play in, friends to play with, all an apartment or home that is actually spacious enough for everybody.

Moving with a family may not be easy, but once you find the right neighborhood the hunt for a new home gets easier. Have a look at our picks for the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for families.

Park Slope

We’ll start with one of the most obvious options. Park Slope’s quintessential brownstones, tree-lined streets, and access to Prospect Park have long made it a family-friendly destination. You’ll see plenty of other families walking the sidewalks to take advantage of the myriad of family-friendly businesses and kid-friendly culture that permeates the neighborhood. You’ll find quite a few fantastic playgrounds in the area, and Park Slope has become known for its family-oriented block parties. The Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day parades are said to be the best in the city!

The public schools in Park Slope are also highly rated for student performance, and there are several popular private schools in the area. Berkeley Carroll School and Poly Prep Country Day School are both on the Slope. Rent isn’t cheap here, with an average of $3,559 per month, but the families who call Park Slope home very much think it’s worth it!

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Brooklyn Heights

Everything quintessentially adorable about Brooklyn is here in Brooklyn Heights. Historic buildings, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and a distinct neighborhood feel make this area extremely attractive to families. Add the designated “slow areas” with speed bumps to keep traffic at bay, and you have a naturally family-friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn. Improvements are also underway. The library is slated for a rebuild in the near future, as well as a permanent public pool at Squibb Park. The pool is currently stalled for repairs on the BQE, but it’s still on the planning board.

The neighborhood is also a hotbed of elite private schools, and the public schools here are so in-demand that it was rezoned to prevent overcrowding. Brooklyn’s downtown is an easy walk, as is the DUMBO neighborhood. The price tag of homes in Brooklyn Heights reflects how in-demand this neighborhood has become, with the median home value just above $1 million. Rent costs an average of $3,657.

Windsor Terrace

For families that feel like Park Slope’s rent prices are a bit steep, Windsor Terrace is just on the other end of Prospect Park. More residential, some might even call Windsor Terrace a bit sleepy. For those with newborns or looking for a little quieter in the middle of Brooklyn, that might sound like a golden ticket! In Windsor Terrace, your family can still access all that Prospect Park has to offer, and parts of Park Slope are still within easy walking distance. The Kings Bay Y, Vanderbilt and Greenwood playgrounds, and The Prospect Park Parade Grounds are nearby. That means you’ll never be at a loss for something to do with the kids.

The public schools in Windsor Terrace are in District 15, home to one of the city’s biggest Pre-K centers and other high-performing grade schools. P.S. 130 is known for its sense of community and diversity. It can be tough to find a rental in Windsor Terrace, where housing is mostly single- and multi-family houses rather than apartment buildings. But if you can find one, the rent is an average of $2,565, significantly lower than Park Slope.

%name The Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn for Families

Ditmas Park/Flatbush

You might not even believe this is Brooklyn. Wide, tree-lined streets are framed by big Victorian-era houses. That means those who crave a yard with gardens can landscape to their hearts’ content. Some New Yorkers want both the richness of the city and the sweetness of playing with the kids in a yard. In Ditmas Park (also known as Flatbush), it’s possible! This Brooklyn neighborhood has been developing rapidly over the last years after a long time of going unnoticed. Cortelyou Road is now home to quite a few new restaurants and shops, as well as the popular food co-op. The farmer’s market has been thriving, and there are plenty of businesses catering to the kiddos. Prospect Park Parade Grounds are also just to the north.

The schools in Ditmas Park serve a diverse population, and P.S. 217 is known for its strong arts curriculum. The new P.S. 889 opened with pre-K and kindergarten classes in 2017 and plans to continue adding classes. Home values in Ditmas Park have risen significantly, with the median price of $868,333 for a two-bedroom house. Rent here is the lowest on the list, with an average of just $1,973.

Looking for more options? Have a look at the healthiest neighborhoods in NYC. Once you’ve made your decision, let us help you move! We are one of the largest moving companies in NYC, so no matter how big your family or how much stuff you have, we’ve got you covered.