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It might take a lifetime to gather your collections of fine art and special heirlooms. Still, a careless accident in the process of moving could ruin a priceless possession in a heartbeat. So when it’s time to move rare, high-value items to your next home, you want every assurance they will be handled with the utmost care. FlatRate movers are insured, licensed, and bonded, and have been specially trained to protect, pack, ship, and store your priceless belongings. 


Three ways we keep your valuables safe

Anyone can wrap items in packing paper and place them in a box with packing peanuts, but the best movers in the business use top-of-the-line packing materials specifically designed for high-end belongings. 

1. How our crew wraps your furniture

Your beautiful designer furniture requires special treatment when preparing to load it into the moving truck for transport. image4 Best Movers NYC advice: How to Move Your Treasured Possessions

We secure any loose cushions to the couch, sofa, or chair using the highest quality plastic wrap. The furniture is wrapped in 3 layers and then carefully swaddled in thick, durable moving blankets to help prevent any damage. We then bind packaging tape around the entire item.

image3 Best Movers NYC advice: How to Move Your Treasured Possessions

For mattresses, we use a mattress bag that is secured with tape. The mattress then slides into a specially sized box that is sealed with tape. We then wrap the entire bundle with protective wrap. 

2. How we crate priceless art and valuables for optimal protection

image6 Best Movers NYC advice: How to Move Your Treasured Possessions

We first life and wrap each piece of art in glassine paper. Glassine paper is a very thin, smooth, acid-free paper that has an un-buffered surface. It is excellent for air and water resistance. In addition, glassine paper is specifically designed to keep canvases safe. 

After extensive wrapping, we tape the bundle with blue packing tape that’s secure when in place but easy to remove. We then wrap the piece in bubble wrap secured with more tape. FlatRate movers then lift the packaged artwork which is placed inside a box, then inside a second box, secured with packing tape, and labeled with a “FRAGILE” sticker. 

If you have fragile antiques or precious art, the FlatRate moving service offers custom-built crates to protect and transport valuable items. If you don’t plan to move your art or antiques immediately, FlatRate can provide climate-controlled storage for as long as necessary. Our storage facilities have state-of-the-art 24/7 security and video monitoring. In addition, we clean each facility daily to prevent dust accumulation.

3. Safely moving wine and rare spirits

%name Best Movers NYC advice: How to Move Your Treasured Possessions

When it comes to moving wine and other rare spirits, it’s essential to know their value so that you can ensure your collection correctly. So first, log a photo inventory of your collection and have it appraised. Then, you can obtain the proper type and amount of moving insurance to protect your investment. 

The next step is for the movers to secure your bottles appropriately, following these critical steps. They will: 

  • First- wrap each bottle with clean packing paper and secure it with a piece of tape. 
  • Second- place each bottle into the specially designed box for bottles of wine and other liquids. The box has perfectly sized compartments formed in thick styrofoam holders for secure transport. 
  • Third- add packing peanuts or packing paper in any gaps to prevent accidental shifting. 
  • Fourth- add a fragile label to the outside of the box and label the box. 
  • Fifth – use temperature-controlled moving trucks to transport your liquids, essential when moving a priceless wine and liquor collection. 

If you are moving your wine and liquor collection across state lines, ask your professional mover about any regulations applicable to your move.

At FlatRate, we offer you peace of mind for your move, with white-glove, super-careful attention to detail for moving precious things Our professionally trained movers, extra furniture protection, and top-rated customer service make FlatRate Movers NYC’s go-to moving company. Make sure to compare moving quotes before booking your move. If you’re a veteran, FlatRate Moving offers special discounts for moving and storage solutions.