Some people love city life, but pandemic lockdowns have caused claustrophobia and lust for open space. Suburbanites have felt isolated and miss encounters at the coffee shop and children’s play dates and long for more activity. 

Whether you live in the city or suburbs, you’ve probably thought about moving from one to the other especially as many jobs and schools continue to operate remotely.

There are pros and cons to moving – in either direction. 

For people wary of the noise, hustle, and bustle of city life, here are a few pros and cons of a move to the suburbs.


city to suburb move copy Pros & Cons of Moving from City to Suburb


Pros & cons of a move to the suburbs


1. More space 

In the ‘burbs, you get a yard, a driveway, and possibly a park nearby. Your home will likely offer a space upgrade from apartment living.

2. Slower space

In the suburbs, you can catch a break from traffic, crowds, and the fast pace of city life. You don’t have to worry about rushing out the door to catch a bus or the train or fight for a parking spot.



1. Personality clashes/status strain

It can be tricky to find a compatible suburban neighborhood. You may not share political or social views with your neighbors. There’s also potential for status strain, or pressure to ”keep up with the Jones”,  in terms of cars and homes.

2. Fewer walkable amenities

Gone is the convenience of a quick walk to your favorite coffee shop. When you find one, it may not open until 10 a.m. You’ll need to adapt to suburban schedules and make adjustments for groceries, dining, shopping, and entertainment.


nyc city to suburb Pros & Cons of Moving from City to Suburb


Pros & cons of a move to the city


1. Unique and convenient dining and shopping

You’ll have ample options as you seek your next favorite destination for coffee or a meal, and it might be just outside your building. With many choices nearby, often open 24/7, it’s hard to beat the convenience of city living.

2. Happy accidents

Whether getting coffee or strolling in your favorite park, you might run into a friend. These happy accidents lead to social gatherings and entertaining times. 



1. Less living space

In a city, you have your apartment and maybe a rooftop garden. – no yard, and smaller quarters. Your neighbors live inches away… You have less space and often little privacy.

2. More stress

Whether it’s your commute, accommodating work and family in an apartment, or constant noise, there are stressors everywhere in the city. This can lead to chronic stress and fatigue.


You may seek a move to the suburbs for peace and quiet – or consider a move to the city for excitement and activity. Either way, it’s a significant change that will take some adjustments. Spend your time picking out just the right neighborhood while we help you move. 

No matter where you’re moving, our guaranteed, all-inclusive, one-price move includes:

  • Packing all your items and wrapping your furniture
  • Protecting the home and apartment as we move in and out.
  • All labor and travel expenses.

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