When it’s time to move to a new office, everything can feel pretty exciting. Whether you’re looking for something a bit more spacious, or to get a bit cozier, a new office space can energize your staff and your day-to-day operations.

If you’re imagining your fresh start in a new office, you’re likely seeing fresh paint on the walls and no clutter gathered on desks and in corners. A shiny new space to start a new chapter in the life of your business.

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Visualizing the end result is great, particularly when it comes to staying motivated to get through the steps it takes to arrive. Office relocation involves a lot of planning and a lot of moving parts, not to mention, a lot of clear communication with everyone involved. To help you get started and stay on track with a smooth move, we’ve put together some of our favorite tips for moving your office in 2022.

Understand your objectives

There are a lot of reasons that organizations choose to move to a new office location, and it’s important to really understand yours. If you’re seeking more space, more natural light, more flexibility, or a more accessible location, make sure you keep it all in mind.

Take the time to evaluate what was – and wasn’t – working in your current space. The best way to ensure a good and fresh start in your new office is to bring forward what works, and leave behind what doesn’t. Of course, hopefully, you’ve considered this step when shopping for a new space.

Check the size, space, and layout

For starters, check the size and layout of your current office space. If you can get blueprints, all the better. This will help you truly understand the space you’re moving out of and determine if the options available to you are well-suited for your needs.

Next, do the same with your chosen new office. At this point, you’ll be able to take an objective look and determine your needs. Think about furniture, equipment, resources, and more.

Nominate a Project Manager

Once you know why you’re moving and what you need, find a good Project Manager to handle the details. Your PM should be organized, detail-oriented, and a good communicator. They don’t necessarily need to be a Project Manager by trade, but it would help. This person is going to track budgets, and timelines, manage communications, delegate responsibilities, and more. They’re an invaluable part of your office move.

Set a budget

In order for your Project Manager to keep you on budget, you need to, well, have a budget. Define your budget for your move, and share the figures with your Project Manager. The best way to make well-informed and realistic decisions about your move budget is to chat with a commercial moving company. They’ll be able to tell you what to expect during your relocation, and will be a good ally for your Project Manager when it comes to planning and execution.

Involve a moving company early

The earlier you talk to a moving company, the better. A professional, experienced mover can be a great resource in your move planning. They’ll help with budgets, share their expertise with your Project Manager, and will help determine timelines for you to work within.

The earlier you involve your mover, the more likely you are to get the dates and times you want for your move before their schedule fills up. Commercial moving is more involved than residential relocations and requires more advanced planning.

Pack or pitch?

%name Tips for Moving Your Office in 2022

Now is your chance. You’re moving to a new office, so it’s time to start fresh. After some time in one place, things tend to gather. Take this as an opportunity to sort through and get rid of the things you don’t need. Unused fixtures, equipment that won’t fit in the new place, broken or outdated electronics, unnecessary paperwork, and more are common to find in office spaces. Your PM can delegate heads of departments to drive the downsizing amongst their teams.

Don’t forget to celebrate!

Whew… You made it! It’s been a big project with a lot of details to track, and you’re finally in your new office space. Don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be all work and responsibilities – it’s also important to celebrate on the other side! Plus, it’s a good opportunity to thank everyone for their involvement and hard work along the way.