Our To-Do List For Moving to Manhattan 

For those ready to take on a new chapter, Manhattan can be the perfect place to shake things up and start fresh. But let’s be honest: although life in the Big Apple is unique and exciting, NYC moving can certainly get a little hectic at times.

With an array of moving companies in New York, the options of relocating to Manhattan are endless. Although most NYC movers deliver full moving services, it’s important to stay organized in order to have a smooth moving experience — after all, a big part of the moving process relies on staying on top of your schedule and taking time for moving-related tasks.

After decades of moving people forward and calling NYC home, FlatRate has learned a thing or two about successfully relocating people in the city. With all future New Yorkers in mind, we have gathered the ultimate to-do list for moving to Manhattan so you know the tips and tricks to make your city move as hassle-free as possible.

Pick Your Move Date In Advance

After you’re done apartment hunting, the next smart move is to start thinking about ideal moving dates. Before reaching out to a moving company, select a few days that would work best with your schedule. For city moving, FlatRate highly recommends Wednesdays as the best day of the week, followed by Tuesdays and Thursdays. We recommend that customers avoid Fridays and weekends as many buildings have weekend elevator restrictions.

Start Thinking About Your Inventory

Your move often revolves around how much you’re actually moving — at FlatRate, the final price of your relocation is based on your inventory and the distance you’re traveling. Moving is usually a great opportunity to analyze your belongings and reconsider what’s worth keeping or not: is all of your furniture even going to fit in your new apartment? Is it worth bringing your barely-working TV?

At FlatRate, we partner with The Salvation Army to facilitate the donation process for our clients: with our UpCycle program, you will receive designated moving boxes that can be used for donation and our team of movers will drop them off at the closest facility after they pick up your items.

Book Your Building’s Elevator ASAP

People in NYC are always moving (literally!) and it’s crucial to book your building’s elevator as soon as you have a moving date picked to avoid confusion and overbooking. Some buildings in the city allow multiple people to move on the same day and it is essential to have the proper time slots coordinated with your moving company ahead of the big day.

If Needed, Get a Parking Permit

Depending on where you’re moving to and from, you might need a parking permit for the moving van. Moving companies in New York usually do not take care of parking permits and because each NYC street has a different parking rule, it is best to research what needs to be done ahead of time.

Follow the Rules for Curb Trash

In between cleaning your home and all of your moving boxes, you will end up having a lot of trash to throw out before you move. The amount of junk the NYC Department of Sanitation daily takes from curbs all over the city is impressive, but there are definitely rules to follow. Thinking of throwing away your mattress or an old rug? Make sure you read the details on how to properly discard these on your street.

Uber or Rent a Car to Get to Your New Place

Most NYC movers won’t let you ride in the moving van, so you will need your own transportation in order to get to your new home. This is definitely not your usual go-to NYC tip, but when it comes to local moving in Manhattan — renting a car for the day can be the best solution.

Although public transportation is always recommended in the city — you might be traveling with too many boxes and suitcases, and riding the train might not be the easiest. Re-evaluate your inventory. Consider renting a car or hopping in a taxi to avoid the hassle of walking around the city carrying all of your belongings.

Snap Pictures of Your Electronics

Packing and unpacking are already a process itself. Want to avoid some trouble and make your life easier? Take pictures of how your electronics are connected so you remember how to plug everything back into your new home.

Not the best when it comes to technology? FlatRate also offers exclusive moving services like TV & Audio installations — just let your Relocation Specialist know and our team of IT experts will set everything up for you in your new home.

Install A/C Before Moving

Moving during a hot, humid summer day in NYC? Make it a priority to go to your apartment before the movers get there. Install your A/C unit before anything else. Trust us, you will thank us later.