When it comes to moving to a new home, saving time can mean saving money, sanity, and effort. Time wasted on confusion or inefficiency can be frustrating, but it can also mean delays on moving day. So whether you’re moving long-distance or just moving locally, taking a few extra steps to save time will pay off. A little efficiency goes a long way! Have a look at our top moving tips to save you time and energy.

To save time, give yourself time

Nothing set us up for inefficiency like rushing around at the last minute. Make a moving schedule that lists out some of the most important, time-sensitive components of your move. This includes things like:

  • Book your moving company
  • Change your address with the Post Office
  • Cancel/switch your utilities
  • Secure parking and elevator permits for moving day
  • Schedule your pet(s) for daycare or boarding during the move
  • Request medical records from your practitioners
  • Give notice for your move-out date

It can be helpful to use a paper calendar and write everything out. Then you can visualize the timeline leading up to moving day. If you’re more of a digital person, set alerts on your phone that reminds you to attend to important tasks.

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Pare down your belongings

If you don’t need or want it, why pack it? You can save both time and hassle by selling, donating, or throwing away personal items that you don’t use. Whether you are packing everything yourself or you’ve hired a packing team, the less there is to pack, the faster the process will go. Half-used cleaning products, unopened boxes of who-knows-what from your last move, it’s all worth leaving behind. You don’t want to start your life in your new home with a bunch of junk from your old one!

Make your home mover-ready

Take a walk through your home and identify everything that needs to be prepped for moving: the washing machine should be empty and dry, kitchen appliances should be clean and unplugged, and electronics should be powered down and unplugged. Identify and move things like rugs, lighting fixtures, or other loose items that might become a hazard for movers. 

If you have children, have them help you clean up their toys ahead of time. When your movers have to navigate the obstacles of your child’s toys, things are bound to go a lot slower on moving days! Then, arrange to have your children and/or pets spend a moving day out of the home. A playdate with family or friends will mean they’re going to have more fun, and they won’t be underfoot during the move.

Make a plan for items that your movers can’t transport

There are certain categories of items that your movers can’t take on the truck. Prepare yourself for this, and avoid that awkward moment where you’re left standing in your old home, surrounded by a random assortment of left-behind items. Anything flammable, combustible, or toxic will need to be transported separately or disposed of properly. That includes nail polish and polish remover, corrosive cleaning products, paint and paint thinner, and in some cases, gas-powered yard tools. Your movers also cannot transport your extensive collection of plants! You’ll need to make a plan to pack them up and carefully transport them yourself.

Clean and fix up your new home before moving day

If at all possible, arrange for your home improvement projects to be completed before moving day. Contending with piles of boxes, or even temporarily moving some items into storage while you renovate, adds time and takes energy. If you can arrange your move-in and move-out dates accordingly, this step can save an immense amount of time and energy. Plus, who wants to be living in a home with a half-renovated kitchen?

tips to save you time and energy while moving Top Moving Tips to Save You Time and Energy

Hire reliable, professional movers

A team of well-trained, experienced movers is always going to be more efficient. What’s more, they’ll complete your move quickly and safely. Some moving companies might promise that their movers will move quickly, but the speed at the cost of safety just isn’t worth it. You want your belongings to get to your new home without damage! Let FlatRate help you save time and energy on moving day.