After weeks (or days) of packing uplabeling, and organizing your belongings into boxes, moving day is finally here! The anticipation of waiting for your movers to arrive can be filled with nervous excitement, but now that your job is nearly done, what do you actually do while the movers are working? Whether it’s your first time using professional movers (instead of a ragtag team of friends and family) or you haven’t moved in several years, here is how to make the moving day comfortable for you and the crew of hardworking movers.

1. Be present and considerate

Make sure the movers are able to access your home or apartment or be nearby during the expected arrival time to let them in. Sure, everyone needs a cup of coffee to get up and running on a busy day, however not being available to facilitate your move can create stress and delays.

Today it’s possible to schedule and manage your move online to maintain social distancing, so you might also consider having your move live-streamed.

2. Introduce yourself to the foreman

The foreman is the manager of the moving crew who will review your contract and answer any last-minute questions. Their top priority is assuring your move goes smoothly, from distributing tasks to loading the truck. By the end of your move, you’ll be convinced they have superpowers—and maybe even a few good jokes.

4. Communicate openly

If you have any concerns, speak up, and don’t be afraid to give your movers notes. They’re seasoned professionals who understand how important your possessions are. From experience, they can explain what makes sense for moving certain objects and pieces of furniture.

5. Leave the heavy lifting to the pros

Make sure movers have a safe environment to work in, such as maintaining an appropriate social distance, wearing face masks when indoors, and having hand sanitizer or wipes handy. You can also help by clearing the floors of any loose cords, toys, or other tripping hazards.

If you live in an apartment building, check that the hallways are clear and easy to navigate. You can also let your movers work independently or help out with some direction. Generally, it’s a good idea to stay nearby in case there are any questions.

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6. Offer bottled beverages

It’s a courtesy to have a few bottles of water, juice, or sodas on hand for your movers. Having a few snacks, such as single-serving size pretzels, granola bars, or nuts, is going above and beyond, but it’s a polite gesture that shows your appreciation.

7. Have an efficient way to get your new home

Whether you’re jumping in a car service, driving, or taking the subway, have a predetermined way to get to your new home to meet the movers. If you’re moving as a couple, a family, or roommates (or have a friend or relative helping out), consider sending someone to the new place ahead of time to avoid delays.

8. All tips are thoughtful

You can tip your movers in several ways, either tipping each mover individually, giving the foreman an amount to divide among their crew, or using the FlatRate app. For local moves, the suggested amount is typically 10 to 20 percent of the cost of the move, while for long-distance moves, it’s generally 5 to 8 percent. Showing your gratitude makes you and your movers happy.

Working with FlatRate movers means you can relax on moving days with the peace of mind that your possessions will be handled carefully and efficiently.

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