The days and weeks leading up to moving day can be hectic and exhausting. In the best-case scenario, you’ve used a moving checklist to stay organized and you’re feeling prepared. But if the night before the move rolls around and you’re feeling restless, here are a few things you could do to feel ready. Instead of tossing and turning, wondering what you forgot, follow our lead. Here are the things you should do the night before the move.

Confirm your moving details.

This is best-taken care of earlier in the day when you can contact your moving company if you need to. Verify the movers’ arrival time, any add-on services they will provide, your moving insurance, and any other details of the contract. If you have any last-minute changes to your inventory or moving needs, inform them before they arrive! They want your move to be a success, so make sure you’re on the same page.

Finish packing your moving essentials bag.

This is the bag of personal items that will travel with you instead of the truck. Tuck your phone charger, a couple of changes of clothes, your passport, and other important items safely away. This not only ensures that you know where they are, but it also prevents them from being accidentally packed and loaded on the truck. You’ll rest easier knowing your most important items are all in one place.

Unplug and clean appliances.

If you are bringing your washer, refrigerator, or any other large appliances with you, make sure they are empty, clean, and dry. For a washing machine, that may mean pulling it away from the wall and disconnecting the hoses to drain them. Then leave the door propped open to dry the inside. Refrigerators need to be defrosted, which can take some time and requires emptying everything. 

Confirm parking and elevator permits for the movers.

If your building requires reserving or getting permits for elevator use, this should be done ahead of time. The same goes for parking permits. On the night before the move, check on your permits and be sure everything is in order and nothing has changed with your building. If there is paperwork to be gathered for your parking permits, make sure it’s all in one place, Since you may need to go out early to secure the spaces, decide who will be in charge of watching the curb.

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Set aside snacks and other necessities.

Moving day can be a long one, and sometimes it’s a lot of work. Quality snacks (think protein and whole foods) can go a long way towards making things more manageable. Coffee, tea, or even electrolyte drinks might just save the day during a mid-afternoon slump. And since all of your glasses will be packed away, set aside some water bottles to stay hydrated. Then remember to use them! Your move will go far better if everyone is fed and hydrated.

Prepare to keep the kids entertained

In an ideal world, the kids would go have a playdate with a family member or neighbor. But if they’ll be around for moving day, create one zone of the house where the kids can play undisturbed. This may mean you clean out one room before the movers’ arrival, or you set the kids up with a movie on your tablet or laptop and relocate them as needed. Plan ahead: your wifi will probably need to be disassembled! Download and set aside anything that you’ll need the night before.

Prepare your pets.

If at all possible, send your pet off for a day at doggie daycare or a boarding facility. The activity of movers in the house can be stressful for some animals. If that isn’t possible, set aside time to take your pet for a walk or spend some time soothing them in a space away from the movers. If your pet likes their kennel or carrier, you could set this up for them. Make sure they have plenty of water and opportunities to go to the bathroom.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Pulling an all-nighter, or even staying up late, is a recipe for a tough moving day. Even though your mind may be racing with thoughts of the move ahead, eat a decent dinner and get some rest. This means planning your evening to wrap up any last major tasks at a reasonable hour and settle in. You can finish packing up your bedding and last odds and ends in the morning.

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