Face it, we’re all guilty of holding on to things a little longer than we should. Thankfully, packing for a move is one of the best times to shed the excess baggage (literally) and curate your belongings. Here are a few items you might want to ditch before you call the moving trucks.


Linens Past Their Prime

Those threadbare sheets? The pillowcase with the weird stain you can’t get out? The towels that resemble rags? Toss ‘em.

Mismatched Silverware (and Flatware)

Life is too short for mismatched dishes, incomplete glass sets, and the miscellaneous mug (unless that’s your thing, then mix and match away!). Throw them away now and forget worrying about these breakable items taking up space in the move. Plus, there are plenty of affordable (and great looking!) sets available. 

Books You’ll Never Read Again

Old books gathering dust in the corner can take up a ton of room in your moving boxes (plus, they’re heavy!). Consider donating them to your local library or book sale. If you have any leftover textbooks, you may even be able to sell them online!

Expired Items

That bottle of aspirin that expired two years ago? The round of antibiotics you finished and will never use again? Sunscreen from three summers ago? Take moving as an opportunity to get rid of the items that are past their prime (and maximum effectiveness!). 

Important: Before you dispose of any old/expired medications, check out this article from the FDA for information on how to properly dispose of old/expired medications.

Office/School/Art Supplies That No Longer Work

Dried glue sticks, pens that no longer write, and markers that may have lost their cap at some point, all belong in the trash bin, not your new home. Take an hour or two, pop in a movie, and test your supplies on a scrap piece of paper. Find out what you want to keep (and what you want to toss) before your move.

Ripped/Torn/Stained Clothing

Face it, you’re never going to wear that top with the wine stain on it. That rip in those pants can’t be fixed. Why let clothes you can’t wear take up valuable closet/drawer/box space?

Canned Foods

Face it, if you haven’t eaten it by now, you’re probably not going to. Consider donating any unexpired cans to your local food pantry.

Unused/Damaged Kitchen Gadgets, Pots, and Pans

Sure, that cute strawberry slicer seemed like a great idea at the time (you swore you were going to drink water with fruit slices every day!) but it’s been sitting in the back of your kitchen drawer for at least the last six months. And that measuring cup with the crack? You’ll never use it again. Ditch the kitchen clutter before your move and start fresh, if you haven’t used it in a year, you probably won’t use it again.

Old, Outdated Technology

Old cell phones (and their charging cords), outdated/unused MP3 players, that tablet with the broken screen you’ll never fix, or the digital point-and-shoot camera you used in 2007 only takes up space. Don’t move with them! But before you throw them in the trash, look into options for donating or recycling them (you never know, you might even be able to trade in a few gadgets for the newest thing!).

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