Ahhh you’ve arrived in your new home. You’re unpacked, getting settled, and ready for this new chapter in your life. There’s only one problem: you’re tripping over empty boxes.

%name Where Can I Donate Used Moving Boxes?

No matter how much stuff you’re moving, you’re bound to wind up with a pile of perfectly good boxes cluttering your space. You could crush them and shove them in your recycling bin for collection, but there are much more ecologically friendly ways to dispose of your leftover boxes. 

If you’re up for being a good neighbor in your new community, you can donate them to someone else who needs them. Where can you donate used moving boxes? We’ve got a few ideas.


A great place to start is with local charities. These organizations are typically running on thin budgets and are always happy for practical things to help make their lives easier. Boxes are a great help for storage and transport while they’re supporting those in need.

You can check with your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or similar organizations to see if they need boxes. They may even pick them up, saving you the trip.

Domestic violence shelters and soup kitchens often need boxes, too. Soup kitchens often pack up their supplies in cardboard boxes and they’ll likely be happy to receive your leftovers. Shelters can use boxes to help people into their new homes or safe spaces. Check the website of these charities for their donation guidelines, then give them a call to see if you can help.

Schools, Libraries, and Churches

%name Where Can I Donate Used Moving Boxes?

Every community has schools, libraries, and churches, so you have a list of places you can check with. All of these entities often need to store or move things around, and boxes come in handy. Schools can use boxes and cardboard for art projects or lessons. It doesn’t hurt to ask if anyone near you can benefit from your old boxes.


Is there a business near you that’s moving or going out of business? They may need boxes to help them with the job. While you can often get free boxes for your move from companies that have too many, there are others that don’t have enough. Check around and see if you can help out.

List Online

Hunting for boxes takes time and new boxes are costly. Now that you’ve moved, why not pay it forward to those who are getting ready to relocate? List your boxes online. You might even get lucky and have someone collect them from your house. If you have packing materials that could be reused, include those in the deal.

Offer to Friends

Make it easy on yourself and check with friends, family, or colleagues to see if they need boxes. Whether they’re moving or need to put some things in storage, there’s a good chance someone can use them. See a For Sale sign in your neighborhood? There’s a good chance the homeowners can use your boxes when it’s time for a move. Try offering them, and you may make life easier for someone else!