FlatRate Moving is the first moving company in NYC to offer a flat rate moving price for its customers. Many people widely use this service and consider it the best option when researching for their current or next move. FlatRate has thoroughly perfected this process, providing a guaranteed price with 99.6% price accuracy. We recommend using the guaranteed price option for complex moves as it can help you save money with our all inclusive plans. 

What is a Complex Move?

A complex move is one that is over a far distance, containing a lot of items, or has a variety of art, antique pieces or items with personal value or price. Here are some more reasons why guaranteed pricing can be the best option for your move:

IMG 2503 300x200 Why Guaranteed Price is the Best Option for a Complex Move

How does FlatRate determine the price?

Three factors considered together when FlatRate is building the quote for your move. These three are: the distance of your move, the size of your move, and the fragility or complexity of your move. FlatRate Moving assigns a consultant to each customer to assist in the process and help plan their move. As long as the inventory stays the same and the location does not change, they honor the all-inclusive guaranteed price for the move.

All Inclusive!

FlatRate Moving provides an all inclusive guaranteed price catered specifically to each individual move. We understand that moving is not a one-size fits all experience, so we have create a plan that accounts for all areas of your move. 

  • Travel Expenses: All fuel expenses for moving vehicles and tolls are covered within the price.
  • Labor: Our professional team of movers work until the job is thoroughly finished with an all-inclusive price, instead of charging by the hour for labor.
  • Materials: All boxes and packing materials used for your move are also covered under the guaranteed price for materials.

By creating an all-inclusive plan for you, we eliminate hidden fees from the equation!

Complete Move Guarantee

A common question we are receiving about our guaranteed price is, “How many hours of labor does it cover?”. Luckily for you, the guaranteed price package does not have an hour constraint. Our movers work until you we satisfy you. This means there is no need to worry about extending and paying more! The only time the price will change is if the amount of items changes before the move. A FlatRate representative will be able to change your guaranteed price ahead of your move, ensuring that you always receive an upfront cost.

Reduce Your Stress!

FlatRate Moving guarantees an all-inclusive upfront cost for your move, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges or hidden fees. In this all-inclusive process, you pay for everything to be taken care of. Instead of spending your stressful move worrying about what the price will be, choose our upfront program to enjoy your move!


IMG 2106 1 300x200 Why Guaranteed Price is the Best Option for a Complex Move

Other Option: Hourly Rate

Another option offered by many moving companies is the standard hourly rate. This is not a good option as the time that the move takes varies based on many external factors. Why should you be paying more than you need to for a professional move? Additionally, there is potential to have hidden fees, which can force you into paying more than you need to. Movers could potentially take more time than is necessary in order to receive higher pay. We suggest choosing our all inclusive guaranteed pricing which is upfront so you know what you are paying for.

Our Word of Advice

No one wants to be paying more than they need to. That’s why we advise you to go with our fully customizable, all inclusive guaranteed price program. By choosing FlatRate, you receive a higher level of service and know how much you are paying ahead of your move. This will take away from some of the stress of moving and satisfy you with a professional and complete move.