What could go wrong? You’re moving to a new home in NYC, and haven’t put much thought into moving day help. Maybe you’ll hire some helpers? Or a moving company could be nice, all of that lifting does tend to be a lot of work. We’ve laid out all of the reasons why you should hire local movers in NYC. You shouldn’t try to go it alone on moving day!

Driving in NYC is a bear

Even if you consider yourself to be a professional New York driver, it’s a whole different game when you’re driving a moving truck. You need to know which areas to avoid, where to look for parking, and then there’s the task of actually parking a giant moving truck. With cars and trucks whizzing by and honking, only the most skillful driver can execute and stay calm. A team of local movers in NYC not only knows how to get around the city, but they have done a lot of parking in challenging conditions. Leave it to the movers with experience!

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Experienced New York movers can handle anything

Walk-up buildings, luxury condos, small elevators, and narrow staircases might be daunting for inexperienced movers. But in New York, local movers know how to handle even the most challenging building. Your local movers also know to anticipate the ins and outs of moving restrictions in luxury buildings and landlord requirements for a Certificate of Insurance. With the right moving company, there will be no surprises on moving day!

Local NYC movers come prepared

Sometimes it’s floor protection for wet weather, sometimes it’s extra boxes, sometimes it’s an extra furniture dolly — whatever is required for the job, local movers will be fully prepared! Moving people to NYC means being ready for just about anything, and an experienced team has learned and made adjustments along the way. They will have the right equipment to get your belongings safely into the truck so you can get on your way. 

Flatrate movers 1 Why you should hire local movers in NYC

Insurance is covered

Putting all of your belongings in the hands of strangers can feel a bit stressful. This can be especially true if you are shipping precious artwork, luxury furniture, or other high-value items. But a reputable local mover will help you secure all of the right coverage for your belongings so they are protected from start to finish. Even if the worst-case scenario occurs and something is damaged in transit, you know you’ll be taken care of.

Local NYC movers can help you find storage

If it’s both moving and storage you need, many New York movers offer bundled services. At FlatRate, we can even transport some of your belongings to your new home while the rest go off to a climate-controlled, secure storage unit. Everything will be labeled and cataloged for easy access, whenever you need them. Just reach out and request a delivery! Bundling your moving and storage services can save you time, logistical headaches, and in many cases, money!

You have plenty to think about besides your movers

Let’s face it, moving can be a stressful time. You have plenty to think about (or worry about), and you don’t need your movers to be one more thing on your mind. You’ll need to set up your utilities, get rid of unwanted items, get your kids set up at a new school, and so much more. Hiring a trusted team of NYC movers means you can focus your precious attention on the rest of your life. Share time with your family, rest when you can, and don’t worry about missing too much time at work!

You can get one flat-rate price

Moving expenses can pile up over time, little by little. An experienced moving company knows how to accurately calculate your moving costs without those last-minute surcharges for New York challenges. While many companies will charge by the hour for a local New York move, FlatRate Moving still offers a flat price guarantee! Let us help make your New York move a stress-free experience.