Moving to a new home is often full of excitement, stress, and a long to-do list. It’s easy for some of the details to get lost in the shuffle, particularly when not all of them are directly related to the actual move.

Once you arrive at your new home, having easy access to some essential things will help you settle in. We’ve put together a handy, comprehensive list of everything you need on moving day.

%name Your Essentials Covered: Everything you Need on Moving Day


Nothing says “Welcome Home!” like a good night’s sleep. After a busy day of shuffling all of your things from point a to point b, you’ll definitely want some rest. A shower and a freshly made bed will feel so inviting. Do yourself a favor and plan ahead for this moment.

Pack a box specifically for your bed sheets, duvet, pillows, and fresh towels. Having a box on hand with these items will save you the hassle of digging around. Once your stuff is in and your movers leave, you’ll be able to make your bed in your new bedroom. Have a nice shower to wash off the day, and slip in for a good night’s sleep in your new space.


Equally important are all of those bathroom supplies that you’ll need for the evening and your first morning. Toothbrush, toothpaste, medication, soaps, shampoo, and toilet paper will all go a long way in helping you feel at home. Keep these things accessible so you can easily get to them when the time comes. If you need a shower curtain, don’t forget to pack that here too!

A Change of Clothes

Once you have a shower, you won’t want to slip back into your moving day clothes. Pack a clean change of clothes so you can feel fresh, clean, and relaxed. When it’s time for bed, you’ll want your pajamas as well. You may also want some morning clothes to check out a local breakfast spot, or something comfortable to wear while you carry on unpacking. Plan for your first 24 hours – that includes socks and underwear, of course!

Cleaning Supplies

If you’re one of the lucky ones and can access your home before moving day, it’s a good idea to bring moving supplies in and tidy it up before you arrive. Whether you have early access or can only enter the day of, moving supplies are essential.

%name Your Essentials Covered: Everything you Need on Moving Day

Dirt can be tracked when moving your boxes into your home. Perhaps also the previous tenants weren’t as thorough as you are. Cleaning your new space will help it feel fresh for your new beginning. Here are a few basic supplies to help you out:

  • Sponges
  • Dish soap
  • Hand soap for the sinks
  • Paper towels
  • Rags
  • Broom and dustpan
  • All-purpose cleaner

Electronics and Chargers

For most of us, technology plays a big role in our lives. Make sure you have all you need related to your electronic devices. Chargers for your phone will keep you connected. A Bluetooth speaker will help you with an unpacking soundtrack. If you want to unwind with Netflix in the evening, have your laptop and cables on hand, or all you need to plug in and set up your television.

Snacks and Bottled Water

%name Your Essentials Covered: Everything you Need on Moving Day

Moving takes a lot of effort and you’re bound to get hungry at some point. A lot of things are in motion so you likely won’t be able to zip off to try your new local cafe just yet. Keep some easy snacks handy so you can avoid going from hungry to hangry. It’s also easy to forget to hydrate, so stock up on some bottles of water. Save some for your movers, too – they’ll be doing a lot of lifting!

When you’re ready to start packing and get moving, FlatRate can help you with the details. Our professional, reliable movers will help you – and your staff – arrive safely at your new home.