Are you planning a move this summer? Let FlatRate Moving, a top moving and storage company, assist you in staying organized with our expert summer moving tips. From packing and local moves to long-distance relocations and savings. 


Packing can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help you be better prepared.

  • Pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes for easier transportation.
  • Label boxes and take photos of their contents before sealing them shut.
  • Write on each box what it contains.
  • Don’t forget to wrap the items inside the box. For plates and glasses, use paper, and for China, use bubble wrap for added safety.
  • Take photos of electronics before packing to ensure easy reinstallation.
  • Consider adding packing and unpacking services for an easier moving experience.
  • Use high-quality moving boxes and materials to keep your belongings safe during transit.
  • Consider using reusable bins to minimize waste.

%name Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Moving Success

Local Moves:

Here are some things you should consider while planning for your next local move:

  • Familiarize yourself with building regulations, including access restrictions on weekends and holidays, elevator limitations, and Certificate of Insurance (COI) requirements. Miscommunication and confusion often arises in these areas.
  • Request that the moving company protect the floors, corners, and hallways to prevent damage to your building during the move.
  • Verify that the moving company is licensed and insured to guarantee accountability and protect your belongings throughout the moving process.
  • Start early to make sure there won’t be any delays during your move, and you will finish early.


Long-Distance moves bring more complexities. Here are some helpful tips to ensure a seamless long-distance moving experience.

  • Be mindful of the delivery time frame and explore different moving options such as consolidated, express, direct, or exclusive services to best suit your needs.
    • Consolidated: Combines multiple shipments into one, offering cost savings and efficiency for smaller moves.
    • Direct: Dedicated transportation, ensuring your belongings are delivered directly to your destination without delays or detours.
    • Express: Quick delivery with expedited service, ideal for those with tight schedules or urgent relocation needs.
  • Prioritize enhanced protection for your items, especially during long-distance moves. Invest in high-quality moving materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, and more to safeguard your belongings.
  • Declutter before your long-distance move to reduce costs. Evaluate the value of large items and consider replacing them rather than moving them, particularly for long-distance relocations.
  • Be aware that plants cannot be transported in a moving truck for long-distance moves due to regulations.

%name Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Moving Success


Here are our best tips to help you save on your next move:

  • Get a flat rate price (guaranteed, all-inclusive pricing) to guarantee transparency, alleviating the possibility of surprise costs and hidden fees.
  • Do early booking and be flexible with the date. Due to the busy summer season, professional movers are in high demand. Booking early, and being flexible will ensure you secure your preferred moving company. 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for a discount if the initial price is too high.
  • Declutter before your move, particularly for long-distance moves, to save on moving costs. Consider replacing large items instead of moving them.
  • Consider doing your own packing to save on professional packing services.
  • Choose a consolidated moving option for long-distance moves to streamline the process and potentially save on costs.

Don’t Forget:

There’s a lot to consider during a move – here are some important details to not forget:

  • Reserve elevator access ahead of your moving date.
  • Confirm your moving company is licensed and insured.
  • Check if your building requires a COI
  • Make sure to include rugs and plants in your moving inventory, noting that plants can’t be moved long-distance.
  • Inform your mover of any pets you have.
  • Pack an essentials bag full of important documents, valuable items, chargers and anything you may need on your immediate person. 
  • Inform all important entities of your change of address and update your utility bills. 

By following these summer moving tips, you’ll stay organized and prepared for your move. Choose FlatRate Moving for the best moving experience in NYC. Our experienced professionals will ensure your belongings are protected and your move is executed seamlessly, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home.

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