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Here we’ve assembled several of the common questions asked by our customers.

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From “how much to tip movers” to “how much do movers cost,” we have assembled several of our customer’s most frequently asked inquiries below.

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  • Why should I use FlatRate?

Our guaranteed price never wavers, unless you change your inventory list. This gives you the peace of mind to budget properly for moves that can take you and your family down the road or cross-country. Our state-of-the-art technology, trucks, and facilities, coupled with top-in-class training for all employees on a regular basis, sets us apart from other moving companies.



  • What Is Flat Rate Pricing?

Flat Rate pricing charges one fee for the entire move. We factor in fuel costs, truck depreciation, inventory list, and the value of your possessions. FlatRate avoids hourly pricing in order to provide our customers with peace of mind. Every move is different, and we believe charging hourly is an antiquated approach for today’s modern world.

  • How Much Do Movers Cost?

Our pricing is based on your inventory. Factors such as furniture size, the number of large items you have and the level of item fragility all play roles in determining moving costs. The estimate our Relocation Consultant gives you will be the price you pay as long as your inventory stays the same. Should your inventory change the price will be adjusted upfront, so again, there will be no surprises.  FlatRate has a 99.6% price accuracy from the move plan estimate to the final price.

  • How many hours are included in the Flat Rate?

With FlatRate your move is not based on hourly pricing, it’s a Flat Rate based on your inventory.  FlatRate does not operate according to an hourly pricing model but rather we offer one guaranteed, all-inclusive price with no hidden costs. While we always make sure to meet building/time restrictions, we understand that moving can be unpredictable (especially in NYC) so we focus on efficiency and professionalism rather than time constraints.

  • Does FlatRate Include Boxes and Packing in the Moving Price?

FlatRate provides free boxes and packing for specific items that include lamps, wardrobe boxes, electronics, and photographs. We also include quilting to protect your furniture during the move. FlatRate offers packing services and boxes at additional costs. We recommend that you get an onsite estimate to understand how much you can expect to pay for packing your possessions in our different size boxes.

  • Do You Charge for Wardrobe Boxes?

We provide wardrobe boxes on the day of your move free of charge. While the wardrobe boxes are free (they are returned to us after your move is complete), you will be charged for space they take up in the truck.

  • Do you charge for stairs?

The first flight of stairs is free of charge but we do charge according to the size of the move per any additional flight of stairs.

  • Is there Tax on the move?

No, there is no tax on your move.


Protection, Insurance & Licenses

  • Do you offer insurance for my items?

Yes, we offer several options of loss and damage coverage for your shipment. Please speak with you moving consultant about this prior to your move date. Or you can add coverage using the FlatRate Moving App.

  • Is FlatRate Licensed?

This is one of the best questions to ask moving companies. FlatRate is a fully licensed, insured and bonded moving company that complies with the regulations created by the New York Department of Transportation. The Interstate Commerce Commission regulates our company for interstate moves. We receive our storage license from the Department of Consumer Affairs. FlatRate sits within the top five percent of companies in the Better Business Bureau database of fewest complaints.

  • When will you send my Certificate of Insurance?

FlatRate will issue a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for your building upon request. Typically, clients will ask for a COI once they reserve their move date or make elevator reservations for their move day.

  • Do you shrink wrap upholstered furniture?

Yes we do. We also wrap it with a blanket.


During or after the move

  • Do I get a refund if fewer items are moved on my move day?

FlatRate will issue a refund for any added services that you don’t use or items that are listed on your move plan but not moved.

  • Will the movers take any extra items I have?

Adjustments for added inventory or services can be done.  Before or during your move you can make changes to your move plan.  Prices may change based on the request.

  • How much tip should I allocate?

Industry recommended is 10-20% of move cost for local moves.  For long distance moves the recommended amount is 5-7.5% to be split between the pick-up and delivery teams. With the FlatRate moving App you can add or remove tip during or after your move.

  • How big is your truck?

It depends on the move and the size. We have various sizes of trucks to comply for every type of moves from small to large. From 15ft small truck to 26ft truck and 18 wheeler trailers.  

  • Who can I call during the move if any issues?

You can always call your relocation consultant, however, our Dispatch department will be able to help with any move day issues or last minute questions. You can reach our Dispatch office at 718-292-7911

  • I have damaged items. Who can I call?

We apologize for any damages to your belongings that you may have had during your move. Please call our Claims Department regarding any issues of this kind.


Local Moves

  • How many movers will you be sending?

The number of movers we send will depend on your move size. During the onsite visits, our logistics team considers the unique preparations required for each individual move. They make sure we have the appropriate amount of movers to meet all of your moving needs.

We have a logistics department that takes a look at each individual move. They make sure we have the appropriate amount of movers to meet all of the requirements for your move.

  • Do I have to be with the movers for the duration of the move?

Yes, you or your representative needs to be present to open the contract with the movers, we recommend someone to stay with the movers during the pickup and at the delivery.

  • If I move to storage, do I have to be with the movers?

No. You can authorize the movers to handle everything for you. But, for third party storages we do require the clients/ their representatives to be present at the drop off.

  • Does FlatRate takes care of Parking Permits?

Although we are licensed in the appropriate cities it is usually the tenets/clients responsibilities to obtain designated city parking permits.


Long Distance Moves

  • Do you call before delivery?

Yes, we will call 24 hours prior to delivery.

  • Can I have someone there for delivery?

Yes, you can assign someone to receive the delivery. You would just need to provide a name and contact information for the person receiving delivery.

  • Can I choose a day within the delivery window that works best for me to receive my delivery?

Unfortunately, you (or someone you assign) must be available to receive delivery throughout the duration of the delivery window. You cannot select an exact date within the delivery window.  We can guarantee the delivery date. For more information on guaranteed dates contact your moving consultant.

  • What happens if you deliver outside of my delivery window?

We try our best to deliver your items within the given window. In the event the window is no longer possible, our dispatcher will contact you ahead of time..

  • How long does it generally take for my items to arrive?

With our express shuttles we can move from NYC to FL in 5 days and NYC to CA in 10 days.  Most of our shipments are between 7 – 14 days.