The only thing you will need to move is your thumbs.

Use this app to log in to your FlatRate Moving and Storage account, retrieve items from storage, see the status of your moving and storage accounts, view / redeem loyalty points, get points for referrals and request special services.

Download the app for iOS or Android

Manage your move with your phone

Moving has never been easier with our brand new app.

Track my moving truck

Locate your truck

Keep an eye on your belongings all the time. Our GPS systems will help you monitor every single move your truck makes.

Message dispatch at anytime

Don’t bother calling, a direct chat is integrated into the app so you can stay connected with our dispatch center in real time.

Last minute changes?

Upgrade your move instantly adding packing, extra protection and more.

Log in to your FlatRate Moving and Storage account

Take control of your move. The city that never sleeps is in our DNA, and we are always on the move no matter the time or circumstance. FlatRate has relocated clients through thunderstorms, heavy snow and 90-degree weather.

Upload your photo inventory

Take photos of your furniture to control every single item. And the best part is that you can keep your inventory for the next move!

Refer your friends and accumulate additional loyalty club points.

With this app, you can refer FlatRate to your friends and get sweet discounts for them, and for you!

Tip your movers in a second

Happy with your move? Tip your movers using your phone, and forget about carrying cash in your pocket.

Storage Retrieve

Retrieve your items from storage at anytime. FlatRate will take care of everything.