How to Save Money - Flatrate Moving

Here are a few insider suggestions for making the most of your moving budget.

Moving is expensive when you take into consideration all of the factors leading up to and surrounding the actual move–apartment deposits, travel, new furniture, change of job, time off work…By the time many people get around to actually booking movers, their budget is already spent.

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Avoid the middle & end of the month

Move on an "off" day

Movers are always busiest at the beginning and end of the month. Weekends are also busier than weekdays. If you have flexibility, a mid-week, mid-month move can save you hundreds of dollars.

Only move what you need

Declutter & Donate

Don’t take “iffy” items–Moving is a good opportunity to clean house. Really scrutinize your goods to make sure you want to bring them along. Reducing your cubic footage reduces your price. You’d be surprised how much it will cost to take your broken desk or old office chair to your new apartment. It might be worth leaving behind.

Planning your move

Reserve your move in advance

Plan ahead

If you have the luxury, book your movers early. Moving companies price their moves based on availability. If you lock in your reservation early you’ll have more leverage for negotiation.

Couple Moving and protecting house

DIY & Save

Do your own packing

While it is wonderful to have professionals pack up your household for you, you can also do it yourself. On this website we offer a number of packing tips and sell all the materials you’ll need. Our relocation specialists can help you estimate the number and types of boxes you’ll need and deliver them a few days before the move.