The moving process is certainly one that involves multiple parts and people. Requesting a quote for physically transporting your inventory involves many steps and people. We often don’t give enough credit to those who make it all happen. When it comes to moving, it is crucial to acknowledge the amount of work and pressure put on the movers — clients often don’t take the necessary steps to make sure these hard workers are being treated how they deserve, and sometimes the result can directly impact their move.

The reality is: that movers are also humans and a happy mover is a careful worker. If a mover feels like they are being taken care of, they will also do a better job of being more careful with your inventory. Of course, professionalism always comes first but after carrying tons of heavy furniture for hours, it is natural that movers might feel stressed out and exhausted — most times, something as simple as a glass of water can make all the difference.

To shed some light on how to make sure your movers have everything they need while completing a service, FlatRate listed 5 ways to show your movers you care.

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1. Have Liquids and Snacks Available

Being commonly courteous with movers is essential to guarantee a successful service. Think of movers as guests in your home: offer them water and snacks and show them where the bathroom is in case they need to use it. Savvy customers will have liquids and food available at all times so the move can be completed faster — that way, movers don’t need to take breaks or leave their homes to go buy snacks or water. When you offer your movers liquids and food make sure to explain that this is simply a convenience — a lot of times, movers believe that if they take advantage of treats given by the customer, they won’t be getting tipped at the end of the service.

2. Be Ready and Prepared For Your Move

Another way to show your movers you care and also facilitate the moving process is being ready and prepared for your move: there’s nothing more frustrating to a mover than a client who is unprepared with inventory, hasn’t packed what they’re supposed to, or doesn’t know what to do with their own furniture. Being organized will speed up the process and avoid a headache for you and your movers — have a to-do list ready, pack your personal belongings, and know where you would like your furniture to be moved to. Make sure you also take care of all requirements in your building like reserving the elevator and requesting a COI to avoid any delays.

3. Take Care of Parking Permits

One thing that is extremely helpful to any move is figuring out the parking situation ahead of time. A lot of times, moving companies don’t take responsibility for parking permits. You will need to communicate where the moving truck will be stationed, once it arrives both at the origin and destination. Not all areas offer parking permits and some areas require it. Take the time to research and understand which is the case in both your old and new homes. Make it a top priority to take care of parking permits or help the movers find a good parking spot before they arrive — that way they will have a shorter distance to travel with your inventory and there will be fewer chances of any items breaking. If you decide to worry about parking at the last minute, your move will be delayed. When the movers need to spend extra time searching for a proper parking spot, the move will suffer.

4. Stay Out of Their Way When Needed

Being involved with your move is crucial but knowing when to stay out of the way is also important. Bring floor plans to the moving crew. Do not stand in the way of the moving crew. Mindfully communicate elevator restrictions. When the movers get to your home, do a quick tour around the house. Show them the items that need to be moved. After that’s done, let them do their job and offer assistance in any way you can. Helping may take the form of packing some last-minute personal items. Your assistance may also simply be to have water available or needed materials close by.

5. Always Tip the Team

Always tip your movers. Usually, the moving crew will have the mentality that they won’t be compensated for their hard work. Always consider that just like a waiter or bartender, movers make some of their income through tips. For local services, the moving industry recommended tipping your movers 10-20% of your move’s final price. FlatRate recommends, for a long-distance move, a tip of 5-8%, split between the pick-up team and the delivery team. Tip the team individually instead of giving one tip to the whole crew. For more information on how to tip your movers, check our complete guide.