Contrary to popular belief, moving is much more than just relocating your inventory from point A to point B. Although packing and transporting are crucial parts of the moving process, there are a series of services that you might need before and after you arrive at your new destination.

At FlatRate, we understand the necessity of having all types of services available in one place — our home-to-home mentality is the reason why we want to facilitate the moving process for our customers by offering additional moving services. Our priority is to always deliver quality, and efficiency and make sure our clients have a smooth moving experience. Tailored to all of your moving needs, here are a few additional services that only FlatRate has mastered throughout the decades.

Arts & Antique Protection

We know the value of your antiques and high-end artwork and we want to make sure they are protected accordingly when you’re moving. No artwork is too big or too challenging for our team. With customized artwork packing, our expert art movers prepare and pack anything from paintings, and large sculptures to complete art exhibitions. We even move and set up museum-quality lighting & display materials! Meeting all insurance requirements, FlatRate guarantees that your antiques and paintings will be in good hands regardless of how far they are traveling.

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Custom Crating

Sometimes simply packing your valuable antiques isn’t enough. Some items require particular care and FlatRate understands the need to create unique packages for specific situations. In our Bronx facility, our team of carpenters can build custom crates and packing solutions tailored to your item’s individual moving needs. We provide custom craters for all kinds of antiques, sculptures, non-standard furniture, chandeliers, and other high-care items.

TV, Audio, and IT Installation

After a long day of moving, you might get home and not be in the mood to set anything up. Even worse, you might not remember how to. Let us take care of the hard work while you relax on the couch — whether it’s a router, your wifi, or a sound system, our IT experts are ready to help you settle into your new home.

Free Box Delivery

One of the biggest secrets of a stress-free move is making sure you’re only using top-tier packing supplies. Sometimes saving money by buying cheaper materials ends up being more expensive — there are higher chances that your moving boxes will collapse and damage your items. At FlatRate, we only use brand new boxes that are structurally competent to handle your inventory — no cracks, chips, or moisture. The best part? We also deliver them straight to your doorstep. If you need moving boxes of any size, contact FlatRate and we will make sure you get as many as you need.

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Cross-Country Express

Moving long-distance and having a time-sensitive schedule? Our cross-country express shuttle provides moving solutions to expedite the moving process for you, regardless of how far you relocate. With special routes from NYC to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, our weekly shuttles can transport multiple homes while guaranteeing your inventory is delivered on time.

Full-Service Storage

In addition to our moving services, FlatRate also offers short and long-term storage units across the U.S in case you need some extra space to store your belongings before or after your move. With 24/7 security, photo inventory, delivery requests, and door-to-door services, you can rest easy. Perfect for any kind of move, FlatRate offers private rooms that are climate-controlled and come in a variety of sizes.

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Packing For Storage

Using one of our storage facilities? FlatRate knows exactly how to pack your items to make sure they are protected for the longer stay. We double wrap your belongings and add special protection. This process ensures they will stay in great condition for as long as you need them stored. We also shrink-wrap everything to avoid dust accumulation.

Upcycle: Donation Program

Our Upcycle program makes moving more meaningful by arranging donations to the Salvation Army. After all, there’s nothing better than decluttering and giving your old items a new home. With every FlatRate move, we provide our customers with free moving boxes. We provide this service so they can separate items to donate. After the move is complete, our moving crew will deliver your donation boxes to the closes Salvation Army facility.

Want to learn more about our additional services? Call FlatRate now.