Preparing to move into your new home requires time and planning and as you get closer to the big day, it’s important to start considering details that didn’t cross your mind at first. What if all of your furniture doesn’t fit in your new home? What about those boxes with childhood memories that you simply can’t let go of? Or maybe you’re moving long-distance and your inventory might get there before the apartment is ready.

The solution is simple: consider using one of FlatRate’s storage units.

Whether you need a small room for a few items or multiple large rooms for all of your furniture, FlatRate will have something that fits your moving needs. Offering our traditional FlatRate pricing, FlatRate owns and operates a variety of storage facilities all over the country, differing from other moving and storage companies. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider FlatRate’s storage when moving local, long-distance, or internationally:

Room Sizes

At FlatRate, we have over 50 different rooms so you will never have to pay for space you don’t need. Spanning from 5 x 5 units to 10 x 25, FlatRate has a variety of room sizes to store whatever you need — no furniture is too large, and there is no limit when it comes to how many boxes we can store. If you’re considering our storage services, ask your Relocation Specialist for advice when you’re booking your move. That way you can create an inventory for your move that, in turn, will help us determine which size of a room to recommend.

Short Term & Long Term Options

We understand that everyone’s moving needs are different and when it comes to storage, we offer a variety of options that fulfill your requirements. You might be going abroad for a few weeks and only need to store your inventory for a short period of time. Or maybe you’re doing a big renovation in your apartment that will take several months — either way, FlatRate has your back.

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Photo Inventory

Scared to lose your items when you put them in storage? Keep track of your goods with high-quality photos saved in our exclusive MyFlatRate app — we can take them for you during your move or you can add pictures on your own.

With our high-end technology and innovative app, you know exactly where your belongings are regardless of where you might be. FlatRate also uses barcodes and electronic verification for all items to guarantee that your belongings are always organized and safe while being stored.

Daily Maintenance

We want your items to stay in perfect condition. All facilities are guaranteed with daily cleanings and kept in the best shape possible. Avoiding the risk of electric problems or water leakage is prioritized, among other potential unforeseeable complications. When it comes to temperature-sensitive items, we offer climate-controlled storage rooms. Your items are protected from unnecessary damage from everyday environmental elements.

On top of our daily maintenance, FlatRate also offers exclusive storage packing with every move. If you’re booking a move with FlatRate and considering our storage services, let your Relocation Specialist know so we can send a skilled team of movers to pack your items accordingly. To prepare your items for the longer stay, our moving crew double wraps all of your items to prevent dust accumulation.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Your storage unit is available at any time of the day or night. Additionally, we facilitate the storage experience by offering 24/7 item retrieval and door-to-door delivery. Forgot something you need in your unit? Need something from your room but don’t have the time to stop by? Just message us and we’ll pick up all the items you need and drop them off at your doorstep.

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Security & Safety

Storing your valuable items outside of your home can be a challenging task. We understand the uneasiness that comes with trusting a facility with your belongings. We make sure to put your security and safety first. At FlatRate, we guarantee the safety of your goods with 24/7 security through personnel, keypads, and constant video monitoring. FlatRate owns and operates all storage facilities so we are deeply invested in how clean and secure each unit is. Keep your personal space in mind. We offer private rooms with your own lock and access, rather than shared containers.

Multiple Locations

FlatRate is proud to offer storage services in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, and  London. Call us now to learn more about our storage units!

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