Although many readers hold their E-readers close to their hearts, it’s not the only chosen way with words most readers enjoy.  There’s still something about the slick feel of a colorful book in hand and the sharp smell of fresh paper just waiting to be unveiled and a story to be discovered.  Between moving from one city to a new one, you may require some downtime, and instead of worrying about whether your E-reader is charged or if you can unpack a book you’ve been meaning to read, travel to the following best bookstores in the cities we serve.

New York City

The Strand

When you hear discussions of great bookstores in New York, you almost always hear The Strand brought up in conversation.  Even though it’s a hot tourist destination, there’s so much more to this bookstore than a typical tourist trap.  With 18 miles of books and history behind it, it’s practically a book lover’s paradise in one of the most cultural and literate cities in the world.  Check their events to see which famous author will grace their store next.

New Jersey

Montclair Book Center

You could get lost in this bookstore with used and new titles alike.  Among an extensive and eclectic downtown area, they also carry a very cool vinyl record section for music lovers.   A quick train ride from the Big Apple also makes this another bookstore in the New York area to hit on your quest for reading material.

Washington, DC


In the most literate city in America, as cited in this article you’ll find this bookstore that features events like a Fiction Book Swap and the Postscript subscription club where you receive a book specially selected by the staff.  After you pore through the books, stop by the popular Afterwords Café for a sip and a bite.


Books and Books

With several locations for books, this mostly Floridian bookseller is packed with enticing books, some autographed by their famous visiting writers.  Writers clamor to be heard at one of their stores.  And what else would you expect from the owner who also runs the annual Miami International Book Fair?


West Side Books and Curios

Are you looking for a book in the Denver area? Look no further than this store that contains both new and used books, run by a book lover! Could Denver be for book lovers?

Los Angeles

The Last Bookstore

People don’t read anything but movie scripts in La La Land, right? Wrong! And this uniquely pleasing bookstore from its content to its aesthetics proves that the stars not only shine, but they read.

San Francisco

City Lights Bookstore

Could you be rubbing elbows with the next Kerouac amid the stacks? It’s very possible since the original writer hung out at the store with other famous Beat poets and writers back in the day.  It’s also possible that you’ll be able to find the exact book you’re looking for to enlighten you.