Moving from one home to another evokes images of packing tape, stacks of boxes, and loads of frustration. Belongings often get lost or items get broken. It’s no wonder that moving is such a stressful experience, especially when you add in the logistics of New York City on top of everything else. It’s an experience, however, that doesn’t have to work your last nerve.

White-Glove moving services have been available from New York City moving and storage companies for several years. These services ensure that your valuables reach their destination in the least obtrusive and safest manner possible. Often though, these services require hiring and coordinating multiple companies. One company for moving belongings, another for art, and yet another to oversee the first two.

Luckily, FlatRate Moving combines all of these white glove services under one Elite Division. Whether you’re moving priceless art or a collection of guitars, our experienced packing, and moving services ensure your belongings arrive at their new destination in perfect condition.

How to Use FlateRate’s White Glove Moving Service

When David Zwirner travels to Art Basel in Miami, the artwork doesn’t just get taped up in some bubble wrap and neither should yours. If your art collection, sculptures, or musical instruments are priceless, or even if they’re just priceless to you, trusting your belongings to an expert moving team is crucial.

While we have the knowledge and the finest packing materials to ensure your items are moved safely, taking care of your belongings isn’t our only concern. Moving between luxury buildings takes care and finesse. Whether you’re moving to a new borough or making a cross-country move, our Elite Division will handle your high-end furniture, luxury art collection, and antiquities with the utmost care. Whether it’s your designer Eames chairs or your Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofa, we treat every piece as priceless.

Calm and Professional Packing Services in NYC

Moving doesn’t have to be a loud, raucous affair. FlatRate movers are calm, careful, and quiet. Our Quiet Moving Experience ensures that neither you nor your neighbors will be disturbed during the process.

Care and consideration for you and your belongings are our main concerns. We take care of the packing and the moving and even provide convenient full-service storage services. Let our knowledge and expertise replace your worry and frustration. Trust us to do the heavy lifting, and you can be sure your nerves and your belongings will get where you’re going in one piece.

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