Updated: 02/02/15

The lucky winner of our Casper mattress giveaway is *drum roll* Ginie Y. from New York!

Thanks again to all of our #playlizZzt contributors!

Check out some of your song selections below and don’t forget to vibe to the Ultimate Relaxation #PlaylizZzt!

Updated: 01/28/15

Thanks to everyone for submitting some of their favorite relaxing songs to our #playlizZzt and helping us to build 12 hours of awesome music. We will be selecting the lucky winner of a Casper mattress later this week! Check back to the blog for an update on the winner!

In the meantime, rock out to this cool, calm, and relaxing #playlizZzt!

Created: 01/05/15

Having a good night’s sleep depends on many factors- your diet, your day’s activities, your state of mind, and ultimately the very thing you sleep on.

Music can always put you in the right mood; people depend on music for many reasons and create playlists for every occasion. A few months ago we created a Spotify playlist to motivate you during your big move. But what about when you’re unwinding after a stressful move or simply trying to get a good night’s sleep before a busy week dedicated to packing? What kind of music do you like to listen to when you need a moment to relax?

We’ve teamed up with Casper to put together the Ultimate Relaxation Playlist but we need your help, and in return, you can win an awesome new Casper mattress!

Share songs titles (and artists) you listen to that help you unwind and put you in a relaxed state of mind using the hashtag #playliZzZt. You can share your songs on the social media site of your choosing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine) or you can enter by commenting on our blog below. The more songs you share the better your chance of winning!

Everyone who shares a song to add to our playlist will be entered to win one highly coveted Casper mattress (of any size). Share multiple songs to increase your chance of winning, but don’t forget to use the hashtag #playliZzZt!

It’s a new year and you deserve a new mattress!

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