Dreaming of a change of scenery? There are so many places to choose from it can be hard to land on the one that feels “right”. Will it be your favorite vacation spot? Out to the wide-open spaces of the countryside? Somewhere completely sight-unseen for the thrill of the mystery?

If you start staring at the map and try to land on the place to move you can get stuck in the planning phase. A great way to narrow down your options is by season. Consider your favorite season and what you love so much about it. Then, you can look at your options to make the most of them. We’ve listed a few places you may consider moving to chase your favorite seasons.


Do you thrive in the spring months? The colors in bloom, the smell of fresh rain, the warm – but not intense – weather. Spring is a soothing time of year with a lot of appeals.

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If you love spending time outside in the lush green surroundings, choose a place with a mild climate so you can make the most of it. Consider moving to the west coast states of California, Oregon, and Washington if you like the laid-back west coast vibe. With a variety of national parks, coasts, mountain ranges, cities, and country towns you really can immerse yourself in spring in so many different surroundings.

If you want to stay further east and still avoid the heat of southern summers and the bitter cold of northern winters, get your spring fix in one of the Carolinas or in Georgia. All the southern hospitality with gorgeous nature and more mild temperatures – a great mix.


If it’s more your style to soak up the sun, ride some waves, or dine outdoor, you likely identify as a summer person. The best thing for you is to move to a place where you can enjoy all of your favorite activities for as much of the year as possible.

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If you’re looking to join a culture of outdoor activities on the water, California or Florida may be calling your name. If summer for you is mountain hikes and cycling but a bit of rain in the winter is okay, check out Oregon. And if you’re crazy about summer but can handle a bit of snow when winter rolls around, maybe Vermont or even Alaska (okay, their winters are more extreme) could be for you. Whatever you prefer, make a move to make the most of those summer vibes.


Love your autumn wardrobe? Wearing layers with cozy sweaters and comfy socks? Seeing the leaves change color and hear them crunching under your feet? Hello, fall!

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New York isn’t only the center of the city, of course, so have a look at other parts of the state. Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire also have a variety of trees with changing leaves and crisp autumn days with clear blue skies. All of these states have plenty of outdoor activities like hiking if you want to go play in the leaves. As a bonus, life in the Northeast means easy road trips to visit other states. Make a move to sweater weather and enjoy cozy evenings by the fireplace.


Don’t mind getting layered up before leaving the house? Love sitting in front of an open fire, cozy and warm at home? Enjoy cold air, beautiful mountains, and vibrant snow sports? Time to move to a winter-loving home.

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If you’re crazy about winter sports, check out Utah or Colorado. With world-renowned ski resorts, you’ll have your pick of indulging your love for racing down the mountain. Don’t worry – if you’re not yet into skiing or snowboarding but want to try, you’ll also have plenty of beginner runs and the opportunity to keep advancing your skills as you learn.

If you’re not so into winter sports yourself but have a family who would love to get out there, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sit and enjoy the winter scenery from a comfy place indoors. You could try snowshoeing or cross country skiing also if you’re just not into that extreme sport vibe.