Rent hikes, ghastly roommates, noisy neighborhoods—these are only a few reasons why New Yorkers tend to move every two to three years. Unfortunately, hunting for an apartment is only half the battle. It can feel like a full-time job to pack your life away in boxes and lug your loot safely to your new abode while keeping in mind that you have to clean, reorganize and unpack once all the heavy-lifting is done. That’s why you should totally consider hiring full-time movers like the ultra-efficient and trustworthy folks of FlateRate Moving. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a precious weekend (or a whole month) by packing and stressing when you could be boozing and enjoying the city so nice, they named it twice. To smooth your transition from one borough to the next (even if you’re just relocating down the block), here are 10 simple but efficient tips for moving to NYC.

Throw a moving party!

Think about it: You have food in the fridge, snacks in the pantry, and booze in the liquor cabinet that you probably don’t want to move. Lure your closest friends to help you pack with the prospect of free grub and booze! Don’t worry: You can replenish your stash by throwing a housewarming party once you’re settled in your new digs.

Scavenge for packing supplies

Tip: Always take advantage of the recycled and easy-to-repurpose boxes you or coworkers receive at work whenever you get a delivery. However, you’re going to need quite a bit of bubble wrap and larger boxes, too. Skip the hassle of hauling a bunch of supplies on the subway—and overspending—by outsourcing packing supplies from FlatRate Moving. It’ll deliver what you need right to your door.

Purge your closet

Use this opportunity to get rid of any clothing and accessories you don’t want. You can donate goods to Goodwill or make a profit on your gently worn items at buy-and-sell retailers like Crossroads or Beacon’s Closet. FlatRate Moving even offers disposal services for any nearly broken furniture or bags of tattered clothing.

Box what is necessary

Not everything needs to go in a box! The clothing that you keep in drawers or bins can be loaded into a moving van as is. Packing experts from FlatRate Moving can help you secure any breakables so they don’t move around in transit.

Remember to label

Put the Sharpie down! FlatRate Moving can bring an on-site printer and camera to your home for photo inventory purposes. This organization method comes in handy when you’re cell phone battery is at two percent, and you can’t find your phone charger.

Grab your keys in advance

It never hurts to ask your landlord if you can snag the keys to your apartment ahead of time. That gives FlatRate Moving time to install a new lock—yes, they even offer locksmith services—and any alarm systems before the move. If you’re moving during the warmer months, now’s the time to get the AC going.

Clean like a fiend

Scrubbing and sweeping your old and new apartment sounds like just as much fun as lifting a giant couch up 10 flights of stairs. Drop the plastic gloves and forget hiring a cleaning company—FlatRate Moving has your back and makes sure both residencies are spotless and pristine.

Unpack your belongings right away

Okay, FlatRate Moving helped you get all your belongings where they need to be, and now is not the time to procrastinate putting everything in its rightful place. You don’t have to endure this burden alone—utilize FlatRate Moving’s unpacking service and the extra set of hands to your advantage.

Secure your breakables

Perhaps you’re an antique collector or the proud owner of an 80-inch HD smart TV. You want to make sure your precious cargo is moved safely, but sometimes bubble wrap just doesn’t cut it. FlatRate Moving offers a special Carpentry service that enlists its experts to create custom crates for bigger, more valuable items such as chandeliers, motorbikes, and your prized wine collection.

Be safe

Chances are, if you follow steps one through nine, you can avoid breaking items in transit. However, accidents can happen. FlatRate Moving has two types of insurance options and sends a relocation specialist to help you determine which items need coverage.

Written by Time Out NY