Whether you’re upgrading your home’s floors in preparation to sell your house or just moved in and want to change the floors from dingy to delightful, there’s a pile of choices to consider.  What do you desire under your bare feet when you rise in the morning or cook dinner at night? If you must replace old carpet or flooring or want to put your stamp on a room by installing what suits your tastes and needs, here are the pros and cons for what’s better for your home.  The battle begins – carpet vs. flooring!

Carpet Feels Comfy/Warm Under Feet

Doesn’t it feel luxurious to sink your feet into a comfy carpet? For those who pad around barefoot, a soft surface to tread is magical for feet – almost like a warm foot rub.  Your feet will feel warm, cozy, and relaxing when walking on a rug, especially after a long, hard day. Carpet also provides the bonus of insulation, keeping heat which conserves energy and noise to a minimum and provides serenity.

Laminate/Hardwood Feels Hard/Cold Under Feet

Here’s the rub: laminate/hardwood looks sleek and inviting but feels far from it.  It’s hard on bare feet and shockingly cold during a brisk day. Those with toddlers may fear their new walkers slipping on the slick surface and hitting their heads. Laminate/hardwood won’t keep out the cold, and you’ll hear every beat, tap, and noise echoing from the room.

Carpet Takes Too Much Wear and Tear

Having carpet feels wonderful but does not always hold up to daily wear and tear.  Although it cannot be scratched, it wears out sooner and fades more quickly when exposed to elements like the sun.  The carpet needs consistent cleaning and vacuuming to keep dust, dirt, and allergens at bay. Despite the prevalence of stain protection, not every guard is foolproof.  It does not prevent trapping odors and stubborn stains. If your carpet gets flooded, it must be replaced immediately, due to the onset of dangerous mold and mildew. Pet lovers; beware that carpets are not always for your furry friends.  Urine and other not-so-nice accidents can be cleaned but may remain with the occasional unfriendly whiff or a mysterious shadow.

Laminate/Hardwood Stands the Test of Time

With its no-nonsense, easy-to-clean surface, laminate/hardwood is good for those who like no-fuss, no-muss interiors. Cleaning isn’t required as often – just a quick sweep of the broom with more thorough cleanings on a less frequent basis. Never fear fading – depending on what type of flooring you have, many are guaranteed to last from 15 to 30 years.  Also, stains – unless severely stubborn – rarely stay and most floors won’t suffer water damage, either.  As for pets, they’re a dog’s best friend! Although some floors may endure a scratch or two, they do not trap stains or smells and won’t collect dander and dust, making them hypoallergenic and ideal for pet owners.

When It’s Time to Change

Changing carpets isn’t easy and is required more often than flooring.  Flooring — which you can install yourself — requires resanding/refinishing or replacing laminate planks when worn out.  However, depending on your choice of laminate/hardwood floors, the price may be a little more to start with than carpet.  This time, the choice is personal – what will you decide?