Transitions are hard, especially when it comes to moving ourselves (and all our possessions) from point A to B. When it comes to moving an entire company, it’s an even more burdensome endeavor.

Office relocation, when done the right way, allows business owners to keep their operations going without any major hiccups. The faster and more seamless the move, the easier it will be to get back to normal. After all, every day you’re not situated in your new commercial space is a day you’re not making money.

For this reason, choosing an expert NYC moving and storage company for your relocation is more than a worthwhile luxury — when a move lets you keep your business hiatus at a minimum, you’ll be saving money. Here are the three moving tips that will help you better meet your needs during the relocation process.

Find Your Company’s New Home

What are you looking for in a new commercial space? There are many reasons people choose to move their businesses. It might be a rent increase on their current property or the need for new clientele. You want a place that offers great visibility, ample space, and a new neighborhood at an unbeatable price. If you’ve already decided on your business’ destination, chances are you’ve already done the relevant market research, figured out your competition, built a team in the new location (if you’re going out of state), and more.

Are you the owner of an apparel shop looking to draw in new, young customers or a startup hoping to get in on one of those uber-cool commercial complexes in Brooklyn? Even if you decide on a new location that will require cross-country moving (or overseas moving, for that matter), a long-distance or international moving company can handle even the most ambitious office relocation needs.

Plan the Move

If you settle on the bare minimum for moving help, this is where you start hoarding packing boxes. However, if you choose the right moving company, this is where they’ll take over. Give the pertinent details of your office relocation (where from, where to, the amount of stuff you’ll need to transport), and they’ll get back to you with a quote and full-scale plan of attack.

No one enjoys an unwanted surprise on the day of their move. At FlatRate, you’ll have a relocation specialist to talk you through every step of your move (without finding new reasons to charge you). This means you’ll have someone to bring your attention to the little details. You’ll have more time to focus on what really matters: your business and the next big steps you’re taking with it.

Let Your Movers Take Care of the Rest

Choose an option like FlatRate’s all-inclusive move plan, and that’s really the last step you’ll have to take. We’ll do everything from safely packing and protecting your items to covering up floors and lightly assembling things. Then we’ll dispose of all excess materials after the move is finished. You and your employees won’t have to lift a finger. Once all is done, you won’t find any unexpected fees; just a new office and a new area for your business to thrive.

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