.Moving into a new home doesn’t mean you have to move across the country. Living in Manhattan can be a wholly new experience if you choose to dwell in a different neighborhood. Stay local while getting a whole new perspective in another part of Manhattan.

And while you may worry about the logistics of a move within New York’s congested streets and narrow alleys, you don’t have to. FlatRate’s professional movers are vastly experienced when it comes to navigating the city, no matter where your next home is located. Our expert packing services will ensure your belongings reach their destination safely.

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan, or downtown, is synonymous with business and government in New York. Home to some of the best views of the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center memorial, the southern tip of Manhattan is where things get done but is also home to the arts, with a history steeped in music and culture.

Downtown may house the Financial District and the young professionals who work there, but it also includes the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, and the East Village. These artistic enclaves have been home to musicians from Bob Dylan to the Ramones, as well as the too-hip-for-LA Hollywood elite. These neighborhoods resist development so housing, as well as parking, is in high demand. You will need a mover that can navigate all the cars and people through the bustling streets of Lower Manhattan.


Broadway, Thirty Rockefeller, and Time Square all occupy space in Midtown, but also in the minds of everyone who think of New York. With diverse surrounding neighborhoods like Flatiron, Midtown houses an eclectic mix of people as well as places. But with homes in high demand, you should be prepared to move quickly.

With art galleries, great food, and neighborhoods filled with history, areas like Chelsea will keep you busy every day. From townhomes to high-rises, moving to Chelsea can present varied challenges, but in the end, will be worth it.

If you prefer a slower pace to the glitz and glamour of other Midtown neighborhoods, Murray Hill may be more your speed. This more affordable Manhattan spot keeps you close to the action without breaking the bank. Traffic and congestion are also less of an issue in Murray Hill, so your move and your commute will be smooth compared to other parts of Manhattan.


Flanking Central Park, the Upper East Side and Upper West Side represent the upper crust of Manhattan. With plenty of green space and fresh air, Uptown is an iconic part of Manhattan and New York. Home to the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there is always fun and sophistication to be found here. History, however, can come at a price. Historic buildings have historic elevators. Your move needs to be done professionally with care. Make sure your movers have an understanding of the environment to avoid furniture getting stuck or dinged up. If you’re downsizing your space to get into this coveted area, consider placing some of your overflows into storage nearby.  

Brooklyn & Queens

Whether you’re keeping it local in Manhattan or heading over to Astoria or Park Slope, we have you covered. Heading over the Queensboro and Brooklyn Bridge can be a challenge. Lower rent and housing prices put both neighborhoods in high demand. But vehicle and pedestrian traffic can grind your move to a halt if you don’t know what you’re doing. A professional NYC moving and storage company can help prevent a lot of headaches.

You have a long checklist when it comes to planning a move. Let us help you make sure that list is complete with a hassle-free move.

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