Every town has its quirks, but New York City’s boroughs take the cake. Whether it’s limited parking, small apartment sizes, non-working elevators, or congestion, each neighborhood in NYC seems to provide its own unique problems for residents while moving.

Here’s a rundown of just a few of the challenges you might encounter during your NYC move.


If you’re thinking about moving to Chinatown, don’t plan to have a giant bedroom suite all to yourself. Chinatown is famous for having unusually small apartments. Getting furniture in them—and rearranging the furniture—is often akin to a geometric puzzle, requiring both brains and muscle. Don’t get us wrong, Chinatown is a great place to call home, but expect difficulties moving all of your belongings into your new apartment.


With 8.5 million people in NYC, traffic is generally a problem everywhere; however, in Midtown, it’s especially congested. It’s so bad that the mayor created a five-part initiative just to “ease” traffic— not fix, mind you, but ease. If you plan to rent an NYC apartment in Midtown and wish to knock out your move in a quick afternoon, think again. You’ll likely spend most of your time inching along in traffic.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village has a few aging elevators that, on a pretty consistent basis, cause problems. They either get stalled (with people in them) or simply stop working altogether, forcing people to take the stairs. Many residents simply don’t use the elevators anymore and, instead, choose to take the stairs. Can you move all of your stuff up six flights of stairs? You probably could, but would you want to? Contact Flatrate.com to get a free quote today. You might need all the help you can get.

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side has gorgeous old buildings, but as they are Pre-War, sometimes the inner workings don’t always, well, work, including the elevators. Also, many elevators simply aren’t large enough to hold a large piece of furniture, and so residents have no choice but to take the stairs. Once again, hiring able-bodied movers during a long move can be a monumental help.

If you’re looking for moving tips, a checklist for moving, or help packing boxes for moving, check out the services of Flatrate.com. Contact us to get started with your perfect move today!

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