New York City is the largest city in the United States. It is also home to many important businesses on Wall Street, Broadway, and beyond. Many people choose to move here for varied reasons, including advancing their careers and attending some of the finest schools in the world. If you are thinking of moving to New York, you’ll have to conduct an apartment search. Many apartment rentals are available all over the city. However, you may have no idea where to begin. Here are several essential factors that should be considered when conducting an apartment search:

Your Desired Location

Perhaps the most important factor to think about is the potential location. Ideally, you want to be near your place of business or the school you will be attending. You’ll also want to be somewhere safe and, if possible, within walking distance of transit. Many people also look for other important amenities when using an apartment finder. These can include nearby parks, shopping, gyms, and parking garages.

The Cost

The costs for an apartment in New York City can vary greatly. In general, you’ll pay more for an apartment in Manhattan than in any of the outer boroughs. You will also pay more for an apartment in the northern part of Brooklyn or the Southern part of Queens where it’s easier to get into Manhattan. Some Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods are also less expensive than others. For example, an apartment in Washington Heights can be surprisingly affordable.

The Size of the Apartment

New York City apartments vary in size from a tiny alcove studio to private outdoor spaces and multiple large bedrooms. A small studio can be ideal if it’s just you and you plan to spend most of your daylight time elsewhere. A larger space can also work under any circumstances. You might want to consider renting with a roommate to decrease your costs and share the space with good company. In that case, you can opt for a one or even a two-bedroom so that everyone has enough space in the apartment. If you have kids, you might need more space. Many apartments in New York City offer special amenities such as roof terraces and play spaces, or even an indoor pool that can help make up for an apartment that is smaller.

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