Challenges That You Face When Relocating to New York and How You’ll Manage to Overcome Them by Choosing the Right Moving Company

Are you moving to the Big Apple? New York is surely one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world to live in and is full of things to do, career opportunities and people to meet.

It’s also a bit of a logistical challenge though, bearing in mind that it’s such a busy area. For that reason, spending some extra time planning your move beforehand and considering some of the unique challenges you’re about to face, will likely pay off. Read on to discover some useful tips and advice to help you find the best New York moving company out there.

Practical Considerations for Apartments

If you’re moving to New York, chances are you’re going to be moving to an apartment in a large block. That means that you’re probably not going to be on the ground floor and you might have to contend with some rather narrow corridors and possibly a lack of street parking. This is something that you should certainly research prior to your move, as the more information you can give your moving company in this regard, the smoother moving day will be.

If you don’t have large doors or corridors to move your furniture into, this could possibly mean you’ll be required to remove windows and lift heavy furniture items like sofas up to your floor from outside. You might have to look at how much weight the elevator is able to hold too and whether it is suitable for carrying your heavier items.

If you are buying furniture for your new home, then you should think seriously about the most suitable options. Modular sofas can work well for example, as they allow you to break them down before carrying them in. At the very least, it’s important to ensure that you will have more than one person on hand to carry the furniture up multiple flights of stairs.

Storage Options or Storage

If you’re moving from a big house in suburbia to a small apartment in New York, then you might also want to consider keeping things in storage. Using a storage unit can be a useful way to keep your items safe while you arrange for larger items to be transported.

You can also combine storage with a short-term apartment if you need to move quickly. This way, you can find yourself a base of operations while you look for more permanent living arrangements.

Never make the mistake of moving to an apartment without first visiting it in person. Don’t forget that the reality of moving to NYC is quite different from what you see on TV and that’s especially apparent in the size of many apartments.

Timing Your New York Moving Day

As the most populous city in the US with a population upward of 8.4 million people, New York can get rather busy. Even more surprising is the density, which is around 26,400 people per square mile. This is felt in terms of the pedestrian traffic, as well as the number of cars on the road – so if you want your move to go as smoothly as possible, then you need to plan ahead and ensure that you’re not trying to move during rush hour or during other busy events.

Finding the Right Company

Even with the best planning in the world, you will still struggle to completely avoid traffic, which is why you should only move with a moving company that offers a flat rate. That way, even if you do get held up in serious traffic, you won’t be charged more than agreed and you won’t find yourself constantly having to check your watch. Look for a New York moving company that is familiar with the area and that will know the quickest routes, best times to travel and easiest ways to find parking.

While this might sound like a lot to consider, it’s nothing that an experienced moving company won’t have dealt with before. Do your research, find the right service, and you should have no problem getting set up in your exciting new home!

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