We tend to do things the same way, but a huge part of moving is about starting over. Maybe you always had to lean over your stove to get to the plates stacked up there (and almost burned off some important bits in the process) or maybe every time you opened your closet, the Swiffer fell forward on your face. New place, new beginnings! Here are some moving hacks to get you started:

Boxes, Boxes, Moving Everywhere

The local liquor store is often an untapped resource because of all the different sizes of boxes you can get. Think of those little bottles of Pinot you’ve always dreamed of smuggling into work versus the magnum-sized Merlot’s you bring to friend’s parties – the range of sizes is endless! Also, the little cardboard dividers can come in handy when you’re packing up your glasses and mugs, or light bulbs.

You should also leave boxes open for as long as you can before sealing them in case you need to keep adding things (or you’re searching for something you accidentally packed too soon!). One more thing – get more boxes than you think you’ll need — because you’ll need more boxes than you think need! Also, this is a great storage box hack because these cardboard lifesavers can be used beyond the initial move.

Duct Tape Is Your Packing Friend

There are so many cool, fun, unique styles of duct tape out there that it makes the process of taping and re-taping things kind of fun. It’s also a great alternative to labeling the boxes with the requisite sharpie that always seems to run out of ink (and also helps if you’re using the aforementioned boxes since they’re most likely labeled with JOHNNY WALKER). Whether your friends are helping you move or a moving company, you can create an easy ‘legend’ or chart of which tape design corresponds to which room. So maybe every box that has the ‘mustache’ tape on it goes into the bathroom, and every box that’s taped with ‘sheep’ goes into the bedroom – you get the idea!

Snap Pictures of Your Stuff Before Packing

Taking pictures of your old place (and a new one) during the moving process can be both fun and helpful. Be sure to start snapping away before you even get started packing, so you have a record of exactly how everything was. This will help you to re-organize your new place and switch things up. It’s also cool to look back in a few years and see how your old place looked (and how YOU looked!). Of all the moving tips and tricks, this one might be the easiest of them all!

Get a Hacking While You’re Packing

A great packing hack is to pack a box until it’s full but not with your stuff! You don’t want to overload your boxes with an entire set of plates but you do want to make sure the box feels like it’s full. Filling up a box with a few items and then adding filler such as bubble wrap or old towels will ensure that the boxes aren’t too heavy and will guarantee that those plates your mom bought you from BedBath will stay nice and snug (and the whole). Any clothing that you’re planning to throw out and/or donate can also be used for this kind of filler. Another idea is to buy those cheap foam disposable plates and place them between each real one. And don’t forget about nesting! Think of those little Russian nesting dolls, where one goes inside another – getting progressively smaller. Ask yourself, which doll is the safest? Use the same strategy when assembling your belongings – and protect your most important stuff.

Technology Can Help With Your Moving Checklist

Making checklists is a great idea but you won’t be needing a pen and paper. There are so many great apps out there for moving and just making lists and keeping organized in general. We love Evernote! Keep an itemized list of your moving expenses, some of which might be tax-deductible.  Play around and find the one that works for you before you move so ‘moving day’ is as least stressful as possible. You can even use one of these tools to save our list of moving hacks, so it’s always on you.

Don’t Underestimate Re-Wiring When Moving

Hooking up your computer, phones (those that still have a LAN line), chargers, and other devices can be overwhelming when you first move to your new place. You were so used to where everything was that it can be extremely stressful to hook everything back up. A useful tool is to take pictures of what (and how) you had everything wired before you moved. It might not sound like much but sometimes remembering how things were grouped or how you liked your toothbrush charger to be next to your nose-hair trimmer charger can come in very handy! For any cords that are sticking out of appliances, make sure you tape these to the appliance, so they’re not dangling.

When Is the Best Time to Move?

Always try to move during the week. If you live in an apartment or are moving to one, make sure you know when the approved moving days are. Some apartments will only let you move during the week so as not to inconvenience the people who live there who regularly use the elevators, etc. The management company for the apartment will probably also want to pad the elevators, so it’s important to give them enough notice to get it set up. If you can move during the week, though, do it! All offices like banks, the post office, and utility services will be much more readily available to assist you during the week than on the weekend.

Finally, when the movers (or your friends who you’ve undoubtedly supplied with pizza and beer) are bringing your boxes into your new place, make sure they place everything in the center of each room. You might have already painted at this point, and you don’t need brand new scuff marks on your brand new teal walls.

These are just a few of our favorite moving hacks. You’ll want to check our blog often, as our employees are always looking for the best ways to help you move. From the coolest ways to clean your oven before or after a move to moving with pets, FlatRate loves sharing our decades of experience with you!

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