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"The Village"

Greenwich Village, or simply “the Village,” is one of the cultural centers of the world. It’s thought to be the cradle of the LGBT movement, and was even the birthplace of the Beat and Counterculture movements of the 1960s.

Strained parking

Greenwich Village is a highly sought area for midsized families, so parking in the area can be strained with minivans and two-door coupes alike. FlatRate Moving knows exactly how to manage your move to The Village.

Main challenges of moving in Greenwich Village

Walk Up Buildings
Narrow Stairwells
Building Restrictions

How FlatRate solves the challenges

Experienced Movers
Experienced Teams
Efficient Teams

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Leave it to the professionals

If you were planning to rent a truck and make your move in one day, don’t think you’re going to easily park near your new home— especially on the weekends when many residents choose to sleep in and stay home. Leave it to FlatRate’s moving professionals to help plan your local move and move you in without the stress.