When it comes to moving, everything is fragile but after decades of experience, FlatRate knows that a few items need to be handled with extra care.

At FlatRate, we make protection a priority. We know the natural fragility of some things. When it comes to delicate furniture, specialized packing and high protection are often required. For that reason, we became one of the only moving companies in NYC to offer exclusive moving services like custom crating, antique packing, and extra protection for long-distance moves.

Keeping our client’s inventory in mind, FlatRate also trains our crew of movers to handle these particular objects and always guarantee a safe arrival. At our Moving School, our moving experts learn the basics of packing as well as the tricks of the trade to handle all kinds of fragile furniture.

With over 20 years of packing experience and decades of proper training, FlatRate ranked the top 5 easily damaged items that every moving company should master.

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#1 Arc Lamps

Although arc lamps feature beautiful designs, that same design is the reason why these items are some of the most fragile and easily damaged during move day.

Because the arched shape is planned to create an idea of perfect balance, arc lamps require two people to handle the item at all times — someone holding the base and another person holding the head. Due to their very delicate feet, it is common for moving companies to not give the base the attention and care needed, causing the lamp to tilt and fall.


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#2 Saarinen Tulip Table

Saarinen tulip tables are some of the most elegant pieces of furniture but because of their marble top, they are also considered extremely fragile. Marble is notoriously a heavy-demand stone due to its fancy and bright looks but it is also well-known for being delicate and easily breakable.

Because the table’s disassembly is such a complicated process, the only safe way to move Saarinen tulip tables is to move them in a custom wood crate, tailored for the item’s specific size and shape — one of FlatRate’s specialties.

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#3 Lacquered Items 

Lacquered tables, dressers, mirrors, and desks are undeniably beautiful decor. The challenging part is that these kinds of items can be easily dented and scratched without proper care.

During your free phone consultation, inform your Relocation Specialist if you have any lacquered furniture. We will properly plan and make sure we send the best team of movers to handle these items.

To prevent damage and avoid scratches, FlatRate trains movers to carry such furniture with excellency. When it comes to packing, our movers will create a cardboard crate. This crate protects every edge and corner of your lacquered items.

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#4 Leather Lounge Chairs 

For leather lounge chairs like Eames, looks can be deceiving as this kind of chair can be a lot heavier than it appears. The wood is perfectly smooth and easy to maneuver. But the leather areas are what make this item a challenging one.

Due to the leather’s sensitivity, these chairs are highly susceptible to tear or scratch. The best bet here is to wrap the chair in blankets or bubble wrap. This way you will avoid marks, ensuring a safe and protected journey.

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#5 Drinking Glasses

Many moving companies are guilty of crushing wine glasses. Not only glasses, but all kitchenware could also be at risk, due to a lack of proper packing.

To make sure your drinking glasses are protected, FlatRate only uses top-tier packing supplies. This means using moving boxes with double-thick walls and high-quality packing paper.

For glass items, it is important to place the glass on the packing paper horizontally. Make sure you grab the corner of the paper and roll the glass into it. Here’s the pro tip: repeat this process three to five times, depending on the thickness of the glass. When you’re done with the layers, cushion the bottom of the box with crumpled packing paper. Once you have done that, place the wrapped glasses vertically.

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