When it comes to moving delicate furniture, the best bet is to always leave the hard work to the professionals.

Sturdy items like pianos, pool tables, patio furniture and high-end art usually require specialized treatment and our team of moving experts at FlatRate know exactly how to provide the moving services you need so your inventory makes it in one piece throughout the journey.

Although it may seem like a good idea to save money and gather a few friends to help you carry your mattress down the stairs, it is important to understand that when it comes to moving both heavy and fragile items, a lot is at stake and moving experience is needed.

To ensure that your belongings arrive safely and in good condition at your new home, we put together a list of items that only a moving company should move.

piano The Top Items Only a Moving Company Should Move Pianos

Pianos are notoriously one of the most complex items to move, but after decades of experience, FlatRate is among the top NYC piano movers in the moving industry — developing our own methodology to always move them flawlessly.

Because pianos tend to be bulky and top-heavy, the potential to do serious damage to your hardwood floors (and your back) are high. Additionally, slipping up could mean damaging (not only scratching it but also knocking it out of tune) the piano itself and hurting yourself and others involved.

Even with several people helping out, the process of moving a piano requires professional moving experience as well as time, the right equipment and patience. To avoid getting yourself hurt and damaging your beloved instrument, call FlatRate now and learn more about our piano moving services.

pool table The Top Items Only a Moving Company Should Move Pool Tables

It’s no secret that pool tables are extremely heavy items but what most people don’t know is that movement are their greatest enemy — and trying to move it without proper experience and equipment can cause irreversible damage.

Because the legs are generally screwed into the cabinet by using a large pin, unnatural movements can force the pin to press into the housing and cause huge damage to the piece. Plus, the entire table can become off-balance, causing shifts to the rails and pockets.

When it comes to moving pool tables — our team of moving experts know how to handle them, and exactly where to lift to minimize excess movement. When in doubt, allow our movers at FlatRate to get the job done for you. 

High-End Art & Antiques

We know that your art and antiques are precious and highly valuable, and they should be treated accordingly.

When it comes to cross-country or long distance moving, FlatRate knows exactly how to pack and protect your belongings so they arrive safely at their destination. Our expert packing methods include using the highest quality moving & packing supplies and double layering your items for extra protection.

Additionally, in order to prevent humidity and other damages, FlatRate only owns climate controlled trucks and storage units to ensure that your antiques stay in the best condition possible until they’re delivered.

Sculptures & Patio Furniture

Sculptures and large, outside furniture are usually fragile and require more attention than your usual living room couch.

Keeping in mind that lounging chairs, outside decoration and other patio furniture can come in all shapes and sizes, FlatRate offers custom crating services — designed and built to thoroughly protect each item as they are being relocated. Each crate is custom built in our Bronx facility to the exact dimensions of your item and full services are also offered for artworks and antique items.


Mattresses are notoriously the one item that people believe they can move on their own but end up with a headache. Heavy, floppy and hard to maneuver, moving a mattress can be a very tricky task if you don’t have the necessary experience and equipment.

Before trying to move your mattress, ask yourself some questions: does the mattress even fit through my doorway? How am I going to bring it down that flight of stairs? It’s important to consider that moving a mattress can be very complicated through narrow corners and hallways and maneuvering correctly requires a proper skill set.

In addition, you might need equipment like a mattress cover, moving straps and other tools to get it actually moving — supplies that are always included in FlatRate’s moving services.