Every city you visit but aren’t fully acquainted with comes with its own myths.  Until you actually live and work in a place, you cannot verify every myth as gospel.  Remember how your parents told you not to believe everything you hear? Well, the same goes for what you hear about the following cities near our East Coast branches.  Before you decide to rule out living in these cities, stop trash talking and dig for the truth among the myths below.

New York City

Myth #1 New York City is Dirty & Dangerous

When you’re practically the largest city in the world, there’s going to be garbage, but with consistent trash collection as well as recycling and compost programs throughout the city, dirty is a relative term.  As for safety, CNN reported that New York was listed in The Economist’s Safe Cities Index 2015.

Myth #2 It’s Too Expensive

You’ve always heard that New Yorkers are savvy, so take it from them when they say that if you know where to go and how to be resourceful with your money, you can make it there.  All it takes is a little ingenuity and a sense of adventure to take advantage of what the city offers.

Myth #3 Living Here is Not Cost-Effective

Again, it’s all perspective whether or not it’s feasible to live in NY.  Refinery 29 suggests investigating neighborhoods that are nice but not as popular.  You can also migrate farther away from the city but still within an easy commuting distance to work and play.  It’s all up to you!

Washington, DC

Myth #1 People Living in DC Don’t Pay Taxes

It’s hard to say where this rumor started, but since DC is not a state, some assume they’re exempt from paying taxes.  Not true! DC Vote states that DC residents pay taxes that are considered District taxes not unlike those paid by state residents.

Myth #2 People in DC Run the Country

Another baseless rumor, says DC Vote, which probably started back in the days before mass communication.  It doesn’t matter whether you live in Montana, Georgia, or DC – everyone pretty much has the same level of influence on matters of the state.

Myth #3 DC Residents Vote for the State Where They Lived Before

Yes, DC is nothing more than a district and a good portion of residents who call other states home don’t live in DC forever, but the majority of residents do call DC home and vote as DC folks, says DC Vote.

Miami, FL

Myth #1 Floridians Are Not Smart or Savvy

The myth that Southerners are not as smart or savvy as other Americans carries on but just isn’t true.  With a proliferation of transplants from all over the country as well as several fine universities and businesses throughout the state, you have plenty of intelligent people and varied lifestyles in Florida.

Myth #2 Florida is a Cheaper Place to Live

Miami 411’s article, cites how housing choices are definitely more economical than other areas of the country but also states electric utilities and heat are just as much as anywhere else.

Myth #3 Only Retirees Live in Florida

Although Florida has ideal conditions for retirees to enjoy life, not everyone is above age 55.  Many factors come into play when moving after retirement, according to US News, and oddly enough, two Florida cities boast a very young population.