The skyscrapers in NYC aren’t the only things on the rise. As one of the top, populous cities in the United States, New York has received over 62,000 residents every year post-2010. Considering the takeover of gentrification and the busy lifestyle, more and more people are attracted to the productive city. New York is so diverse as it ranges from the quiet, yet still city-like neighborhood of Norwood, to Hell’s Kitchen, where you have easy access to many Broadway theaters and great nightlife. Even if you don’t live in these neighborhoods, you can access any neighborhood by train, bus, and taxi.

Based on booming home values and decent rent prices, these are the four neighborhoods that are really popular right now if you’re considering moving soon:

Fort Greene Brooklyn 1024x720 Top 4 Neighborhoods That Are Booming In NYC Right Now

Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Not only are rental prices for properties in this neighborhood skyrocketing, but so are the number of shops and restaurants. Fort Greene is home to one of the best Mediterranean eateries, Olea, which serves tapas-style food and is only a few blocks away from the renowned Fort Greene park. With a median home value of $923,588 and an A+ grade for nightlife, Fort Greene residents enjoy the fun of going out to their local bar and coming home to rest in their brownstone.

West Harlem, Manhattan

Home to the legendary Apollo Theater and Mintons, the vibrant jazz club where bebop was founded, West Harlem is definitely one of the neighborhoods to look out for. It’s in close proximity to parts of NYC like Downtown, Midtown, and The Bronx. Most train lines have nearby transfers to Harlem so you’ll never feel out of reach. The current median rent stands at $2,200 per month, lower than the NYC median of $2,900. Not bad for a neighborhood that’s rich in culture and home to City College where you can ge0t an affordable college education.

Murray Hill Manhattan Top 4 Neighborhoods That Are Booming In NYC Right Now

Murray Hill, Manhattan

If 19th-century townhouses and diverse food options are your interests, Murray Hill might just be your next move. The neighborhood offers two options for newcomers: high-rise condos or post-war apartment buildings, perfect for those looking for a roommate situation. The area is generally quieter than it is on the west side, but you still have the advantage of having a nearby highway (FDR Drive), Grand Central train station, Rockefeller Center, and many more. You’re looking at a median rent of $3,150 every month in this fast-growing area. Not too shabby for a location near the United Nations. Ready to relocate? Get a free quote today and move with the best local movers in NYC!

Norwood, The Bronx

This gem in The Bronx has been overlooked for years until its year-over-year (YOY) growth increased by 59% and new residents are swarming in. If you’re a baseball fan and lover of the wild, this borough might just be your new home. It’s home to the new Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo. With a 40-minute train ride to Central Park and access to the Metro-North system, you can choose whether you want an urban or quiet destination. Norwood also offers a safe environment which includes the Montefiore Medical Center serving the local community.

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