Before you start tackling your checklist for moving, you need to find the best company to actually take care of the job. Whether you need local NYC moving and storage professionals or a long-distance moving company, it’s not a decision that should be made lightly.

So how can you find a mover you can trust to deliver your belongings on time and intact?

Here are the best resources to tap into to make sure you make the best choice for your next big move.

Personal References for Movers

There’s no better way to gauge a moving company’s reputation than by word of mouth. While just about anyone you meet is willing to give free advice whether you want it or not, this is a time when you want to hear as many opinions as possible.

Ask around in your various circles to find out the pros and cons of local NYC moving companies. Start off with friends and family, but don’t forget to reach out to professionals you work with as well.

Real estate agents and architects, for example, have much greater exposure to people who are continually moving in and out of the city. They’ll probably have more informed moving tips and can also help you with recommendations for storage in NYC.

In addition to analyzing a moving company’s services and prices, you should also consider anecdotal stories about personal experiences.

Online Resources  for Finding Moving Companies

Checking online resources is a great way to reach a larger pool of moving company reviews. Websites like Yelp and Angie’s List have countless reviews you can scour. It is also helpful to visit the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website to review the company’s overall government rating. The convenient thing about this method is that you can access a broader range of moving scenarios. Do you need an international moving company for an overseas move? Looking for door-to-door storage? Prefer an all-in-one moving and storage company?

Details like these are much easier to learn about when you have a wider selection of opinions to choose from. If you’re considering a particular moving company in New York, check out their social media accounts. You can see how they’re being tagged and how they handle both positive and negative feedback. Even if someone had a bad experience, you can gauge how a company handles those moments in case something comes up during your own move.

Ready to get started with your NYC move? Whether you’re new to the city or just heading across town, FlatRate can help.

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