‘Twas the night before moving and all through the place, home dwellers were preparing for tomorrow’s mad race… Are you ready to move? If tomorrow is moving day, you’re in for an exciting yet stressful whirlwind of activity.  Even though your movers are experienced and knowledgeable at their job, it doesn’t always come easy.  Lessen the pressure and assure smooth moving by helping out your movers by ironing out the details beforehand.  Here’s how:

Ready, Set, GO! It’s Moving Day

Most importantly, confirm the time and day of your scheduled move.  Communicate with your movers to ensure the appointment is set, and they know where they’re going.

I’ll Be There

This may seem obvious, but you need to be present when your movers arrive.  If not, assign a trusted and informed friend or relative to stand in for you.  An inventory list of your belongings will be issued which you are required to sign to protect against loss or damage.

Show Me the Money

Along with the money you need to pay for the move whether you pay with cash, check, or credit card — unless prior payment was made — tuck in a few extra dollars to tip your movers, especially if they’ve done a superb job hauling your gear amid the elements.

Quench Their Thirst

No matter the weather, moving is sweaty, grueling work.  Stock up on refreshing beverages for the moving crew – professional workers or friends and family – and load up on a few healthy snacks, too.  A well-hydrated, satisfied crew is a happy and efficient one who gets the job done.

No Dogs or Kids Allowed

Younger children and pets that are rambunctious, constantly underfoot, and require consistent attention don’t mix well with moving.  Arrange for a sitter or stay at a pet-friendly place beforehand so no one gets hurt, and everybody’s happy.

Packing Day

Check to see that boxes are packed, safely secured, labeled, and grouped according to their room assignments.  Any loose items that are not packed yet or movers must pack that day should be grouped appropriately for easy, seamless storage.  Instructions for tricky and/or cumbersome items should be provided at the move or beforehand.  Also, keep extra moving supplies like packing tape, scissors, and permanent markers handy just in case.  If you require more boxes because you ran out or have specialty items, contact your movers ahead of time so they remember to bring them.

Reserved Parking

Scout out your neighborhood for nearby, ample parking, or clear your driveway or front curb to make way for the moving van to park.  As close as they can get is your best bet.  Also, verify your elevator is in working order and that stairs are available for the taking.  Notify your landlord beforehand if necessary.

Stay Disconnected

These days we love to stay connected 24/7 to friends, family, work, and the latest news and entertainment.  Give yourself a break, though, on moving day by scheduling your phone, cable, and Internet connection services until after you settle in your new home.  Remember, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth.  Limit the mayhem by staying momentarily off the grid.

What other things can you do to smooth the move for your movers?