There’s no such thing as a move that doesn’t cause you at least an ounce of stress. From finding the right day and time to move to deciding which items to leave behind, we all get stressed at some point during the move process. Most people work during the day and can’t take a day or two off to move. Others aren’t sure of their new building policies regarding move in times. No matter the circumstance, remember that the move will happen so it is best to remain at ease in order to successfully complete it.

This all becomes more hectic in the summertime. As the busiest moving season of the year, most people take advantage of their days off to relocate into their new home as soon as possible. Most moving companies get bombarded during this time not only because of the amount of moves, but because of the many issues that can arise. Luckily, there are ways to prevent or at least lessen the possibility of inconveniences on moving day. Most importantly, take a breather, keep hydrated, and stay calm.

Pack Everything Accordingly and Label Items

While packing a ton of miscellaneous items is not impossible, it takes more time and can cause last minute distress. To avoid this, begin packing days, if not weeks before your move. Dump or donate all items you no longer need to create more space and less mess into your new home. Once you’ve packed everything into their respective boxes, label them with a marker and write what the item(s) is and where in the new home it belongs. Believe it or not, unpacking can be just as much of a hassle as packing.

Place Items Close to Main Entrance

The closer your items are to your main door, the easier they are to transport and load onto the moving truck. The last thing you want to do is add more hard labor when it’s 90 degrees out and your air conditioner has already been disconnected. Moving your items closer to an exit will also lessen the chances of you leaving something behind- trust us, it can happen! If your apartment or home doesn’t have enough space for you to leave most of your items by the door, try leaving them in the nearest exits or corners of every room.

Consider The Moving Services You’ll Need

Whether you’ve got a bad back or simply don’t know how to uninstall that 60 inch plasma TV you got for your birthday, you should consult with your moving company and ask if they offer installation services. While you can always help the movers get a head start by packing or uninstalling some items beforehand, you shouldn’t feel obligated to do this on your own if you are able to hire a pro. Some services like wooden crating are best when left to skilled carpenters or movers in order to ensure your items remain safe during transport. Hire FlatRate today to take care of any installations or crating today! 

Reserve Your Building Elevator and Parking Spot In Advance

If you live in a top city like New York, you know how chaotic traffic and building elevators can be. Sometimes trucks don’t even find a legal parking spot after circling blocks repeatedly. If you can reserve a spot for a certain amount of time or even better, obtain a permit, it is best to do so as this will save time for you and your designated crew. Elevator reservations can be strict depending on your building management or if another move is taking place that same day. To avoid potential issues, try to book your elevator as soon as you know your move date. If the elevator has a strict cutoff time, request an earlier start time for your move or a second day so you can load all the items on time. If the elevator is shared, try to coordinate with the other tenant and remain organized so items don’t get lost in transport. After a long day of moving under the sun, the last thing you want to do is take someone else’s boxes by mistake!

Wear Comfortable Clothes and Drink Lots Of Water (Don’t Forget to Help Hydrate Your Movers, Too!)

Even if you’re not physically lifting furniture, it’s a good idea to stay comfortable and quenched while your move is taking place. It’s likely you’re going to be going up and down the stairs to show the crew where certain items are and helping with possible last minute packing. Regardless, this day will be filled with lots of physical activity so even if you paid for all services imaginable, please do not wear your 6 inch stilettos while the move is going on. Lastly, don’t forget to offer your crew some water and snacks if possible- they work very hard and need to stay hydrated and fed!

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