Choosing the right moving company is no small feat, whether you’ve found a new apartment or are helping your office switch to a new location. While you may have experienced moving in the past, it’s not something that people do regularly. When it comes to which New York City movers you hire to move you, you’ve probably done an Internet search, checked for the best Yelp reviews, and asked friends for recommendations.

What Separates a Good Moving Company from a Bad One?

Does it cost? Is it a company with one flat rate and no hidden costs? Is it one that’s timely? It’s probably all of the above.

Moving anywhere can be a struggle, but moving to New York City seems to require super human strength and endless patience. So what makes NYC movers so special? While the answer is largely universal, a New York moving company has a unique set of challenges. Here’s what it’s like to move someone into a city that never sleeps.

Price and Performance: Flat Rates and Reliable Traits

Cost is probably the first thing that comes to mind when searching for a moving company in New York City. Prices can vary greatly and sometimes come with hidden fees you weren’t expecting. A good moving company will be upfront about costs and won’t have hidden fees or extras. A great moving company will offer one flat rate that you can rely on when planning your move.

A reliable mover will tell you what it’s going to cost and how long it’s going to take and will be on time. Delivering a positive experience to clients requires juggling a lot of factors, and you’ll want to find one with plenty of experience. Moving can be an emotional time, and you’ll want a mover that doesn’t bring their own baggage. Contact the moving professionals at FlatRate to assist you in your next hassle-free move.

NYC Movers Know the City

Living in New York can sometimes feel like the whole city is conspiring against you. If you’re lucky enough to have a car, you can never find a parking spot. If you’re hurrying to catch the train, you can almost guarantee that it just left. But if you’ve spent a few years here, you probably feel pretty comfortable getting around the city. Your movers should be experts, just like you.

New York City movers have to navigate trouble more than anywhere else in the world. Nowhere else is trash piled up on the sidewalk like some intentionally placed obstacle. And sometimes it seems as though you need a degree to know the most efficient routes between boroughs. FlatRate’s NYC Elite Movers know all these traps and more.

Knowing Your Needs

New York City movers need to be knowledgeable, upfront, and timely. They also need to understand your life is still going on around the move. A mover’s job in New York is to make this time as quick and painless as possible. Choosing the right mover may seem easy, but nothing in New York is ever that simple. Find one that understands you and knows the city, and you’ve found something special. Contact FlatRate to get started with your perfect move today.

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