Just like the city never sleeps, it’s movers don’t sleep either. Night moving is the perfect option for anyone who cant move during the day, and finds that moving at night may be best for their schedule. In this blog, we’ll go over some crucial knowledge about night moving, and the things you should know about making this move. 

What Is A Night Move And How You Can Prepare For One

As you may have guessed, night moving are relocations that are made at night. Professional movers arrive at your current location, and pack and transport your home or businesses to your new location, all while the world sleeps. By the time the sun rises, everything is up and ready to go.

To efficiently plan and prepare for a night move we recommend:

  • Creating a moving checklist
  • Hire a moving company
  • Decluttering and organizing your space
  • Create a moving plan for kids
  • Create a moving plan for pets 
  • Update important parties of your new address 

Creating a moving checklist can make a move far more easy and organized. By doing this, you can limit future issues and complications that may arise throughout the moving process. Choosing a professional and reliable moving company is a great way to plan and execute a night move successfully. They are trained in all aspects of night moving, and can guarantee a seamless transition.

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Who Is A Night Move For?

Night moving is most ideal for businesses and companies that don’t want to miss a day of earnings, as well as, anyone who is too busy to move throughout the day. Many companies cannot take the beating of missing a day of work day and and decide that relocating after business hours is best. After a night move, the next day is business as usual, just in a new location. Night moving can also be for anyone who is too busy to move during the day, or wants to skip over the bust stressors of moving during the day such as traffic. 

The Benefits Of Moving At Night 

  • No Traffic:

There are several factors that can make these overnight moves more appealing and attractive. Not having to deal with traffic is one advantage. At night, there is virtually no traffic, making the move far faster than any of your average daytime moving initiatives. 

  • Limited Interferences in daily operations:

Business professionals, and the general public can agree that usually during the day people are busy. Night moving is a great way to avoid disrupting daily operations or obligations. 

  • Easier Parking: 

With night time brings less traffic and less people out and about. This can result in better access to parking. This is helpful when it comes to loading and unloading your belongings.

Tips For Moving At Night 

Moving at night can help lower some of your moving stress knowing your not interfering with too many other things outside of your sleep schedule. 

Firstly, we recommend that you prepare an essentials box. This will contain all the items essential to you that you want to keep close to you during the move. For example, medications, important documents, and valuables are some things that would be in this box. Try considering everything that future you would want and would not want to be searching through boxes for. 

If you are moving with children it is important to have good communication with them about the process of night moving, where everything and everyone will be going, and how they can prepare themselves as well. This can be a new and uneasy experience for them, as leaving everything that you know can be scary. Through this open communication, you can not only prevent anxiety and fear of what’s to come, but help motivate them to embrace the changes.

To get into more of the logistics of the actual night move, it is important to arrange for proper lighting prior to beginning the moving process. Since visibility will be reduced, ensuring you have sufficient lighting will be helpful. It is also important to make sure the new property you are arriving at during the night is well lit and ready for the move in.

Moving Your Office

Similar to moving homes, you must do some research and preparation before moving your office in order to make your night move a success. It is best to organize your important files in places you know where to find them, and in ways that will maintain an orderly manner. This organization can save you from the stress of searching for things during or after the move. Moving companies that have experience with office moves at night will be helpful in keeping things orderly and setting up your office in the new location how you want it. 

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FlatRate Moving’s Night Moves

A successful night move is a responsibility that is taken seriously. With FlatRate Moving, the proper precautions are always taken to ensure that your belongings will be safe and protected during their journey. FlatRate Moving will properly wrap and pack every item for transportation using the highest quality of packing materials. Through our usage of high quality boxes and wrapping, your belongings will have maximum protection. 

In order to prevent your larger furniture from damage, we will disassemble (and reassemble) everything to your convenience. FlateRate will additionally use moving pads and blankets to avoid scratches or bumps throughout the move. 

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Have any questions? Prepared to move? Contact our professional movers and book your night move today. 

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